Happy New Year from Pesto Music

This year is coming to an end and for us, it was one full of changes - one of them being this web site you're just looking at. 2007 will be an exciting year for Pesto and all the people involved with it as a lot of stuff is to be released.

Let me take the opportunity to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart to all the Pesto artists, the fans and supporters (you that is)! I received an immense feedback from you and so many people told me that they see a bright future for Pesto rising at the horizon.

Thanks also to the doubters and haters - you made us work even harder and helped us improving!;)

I am wishing you health, wealth, success - all the best - for you and your loved ones for 2007. May all your dreams come true, may we all reach the aims that we intend to reach. I am looking forward to the next year - together with you!

Much luv from Jon Silva/Jost Gerischer at Pesto Music!

PS: Nish people, make sure to show up at Prestige tonight - it's a rare chance to meet Miss Eclettro (Milan/Italy), the Kondukter crew and Jon Silva in one place. See you later.