Classic Dance tunes: Usura - Open Your Mind, Felix - Don't You Want Me

Here's one classic Dance tune, originating from Italy in 1992, that melts ItaloDisco and House into a grade A++ chart stormer. Yeah, I repeat, this entered even the worst charts of the world: Germany (no, please don't get me started on the Eurovision Song Contest).
Usura's "Open Your Mind" came out the same year as Felix's "Don't You Want Me" - so can you imagine what a great year 1992 was for any lover of electronic music?

It was also a great year for Deconstruction, the label that released both of these smashers. Here's Usura:

And now comes Felix (they threw camouflage gigs in full masquerade long before Daft Punk, btw). One of the co-producers is Rollo, Dido's brother, who should also play a role in the success story of Faithless beginning three years later, in 1995. Check out "Don't You Want Me":

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