Happy New Year & A Big Thank You!

Dear Pestoleros, dear friends, dear wife, dear family,

When I was making up my mind about the contents of this post, I thought I might write about the past year and provide an outlook for 2011.

I won't.

I will keep it short and to the point:
Thank you so much for great artists sending me great music! Thank you so much for showing so much love to Pesto as a label, to our releases and to me as an artist - thank you for your support! Thanks to all the jocks who bought our music and who played Pesto music. Thank you for smiling about my silly status updates on twitter and Facebook, thank you for listening to our artists' music on Soundcloud! Thank you for your criticism and the feedback you provided. Thank you for sending me promos and not getting mad by my missing feedback. Thank you for being patient with me - be it overdue remix jobs, your own release and/or royalty statement. Thanks to all those people crossing my way that I hadn't met before and that share the love for the same thing.

*cough* I wanted to keep it short. Here's that:

Thank you all so much! Without YOU, it wouldn't make any sense. Without YOU, this label wouldn't exist. Without YOU, there would be less love on this planet (and there's already a huge lack of it!).

I'm not a religious person so I cannot pray for you. But I surely wish you all the love, the luck, the health and the happiness you long for!

Have a great NYE and have a GREAT year 2011!

Much love, big hugs and many kisses from Jost/Jon. I love you, too!:)