Pesto EP001: V.A. - Deep Discoveries out excl. on Beatport

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Without having read the text, you know it's a good day when the Beatport player appears here on

Introduced with our behind-the-scenes to give you an impression of the effort put into each and every release, announced last week and delayed again, having spent more time on the video teaser, the time has finally come to release our youngest baby into the wild. Say hi to our very first Pesto EP named "Deep Discoveries".

In addition to our compilation series such as "2.0", “toolbox" or “Beautiful & Timeless", we launched this special format to bring you more new talent, more diversity and more pleasure.
Every EP will contain up to six tracks by various artists and "Deep Discoveries" is no different:

We have "Deep In Calm" from Poland with a lush and atmospheric opener, "Norman Creed" from Germany with a shaking track that's being compatible both with deep sets as well as clubbier ones, "Patryk Molinari", also from Berlin with a musical masterpiece, "Yamil Colucci" from Argentina with a number similar to early and danceable Matthew Herbert, San Diego-based "Processing Vessel" with a sweaty and funky tool and last but not least "Christos Fourkis" from Greece who delivers a deep groove monster.

Pesto EP001 is supported & played by Graham Sahara (Seamless, km5), Darren Holland (Baldeelox), Nacho Marco (Loudeast), Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica Radio), DJ Linus (Exun, Pacha MUC), Andrew Chibale (Salted), André Kronert (Night Drive, Neurotron), Nadja Lind/Klartraum (MoS, Soma), Will Sumsuch (Urban Torque, Etoka), Oz Hemingway (UCOH), AMDJS, Christian Quast (BPitch, futureaudio), Tom Morgan (Discoteca), Dave Miller (Illegal Cargo), BiG AL (ReadyMix, GU, Baroque) and many more...

Too many words already, I know, so let's go straight to the goodies:

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