We're back!

After a long period of absence due to major computer hiccups (with the machine eventually dying - R.I.P. my beloved Apple G4!), we're finally back with updates!

Been through a nightmare with the computer here: first I thought I had faulty memory installed (replaced it, then after two weeks the machine would do weird things again), then I suspected the hard drive (same story after two weeks), was looking on eBay for a used G4 and finally found one from a very nice british guy. Thanks to the Euro/Pound Sterling conversion rate, the "new" machine was quite a steal. I have to add that I have to maintain quite some PCI equipment here and really did not want buy a new MacPro.

The trouble didn't end here as I could not recover my backups. What I am doing now is copying back each and every file individually - thanks goodness I have a backup at all! You can surely imagine that after eight years of use, my old system was quite a mess. I got along with it well as it was kind of grown organically and Apple's Spotlight technology makes it easy to handle the chaos of 1TB (yes, that's TeraBytes) for a messie like me.

With huge relief, I can say that I am coming towards the end of the recovery process after I have recovered all my software licenses and files. There are remix projects, productions and administrative tasks piling up here and you cannot imagine how happy I am to be finally able to make music again!

Not only did I use the idle time to complain about how bad the computer gods punished me but I made up my mind and am finally introducing some changes to pesto.de.
You will see much more frequent updates in the future as I will turn this page away from a simple promotion and announcement platform to a more personalized "blog-style" page. Hence, I will post cool/odd/interesting finds from the interwebs such as good reads, Youtube vids, software tips, production tutorials, you name it.

You will also find our PestoCasts and Pesto FreeBees reanimated as well as our radio show. I also noticed that the Pesto community has got somewhat silent recently, so expect some changes with regard to that one, too. I'm thinking of discussions related to certain posts here on pesto.de in addition to the DJ mixes posted there by our fans and supporters.

Last but not least, we will also have new releases that were scheduled for January and February finally on the way to you. More details here soon (you'll find a small hint in our new header already).

Finally, let me thank you for bearing with us and being patient. You won't regret it!;)

Jost Gerischer aka Jon Silva, Pesto Music