Facelift & new features on pesto.de [update]

It has been pretty exactly for two years that we have used the web site design you probably got used to. As we felt it was time for a change, pesto.de was undergoing some maintenance and now shines in a new look.

Besides the obvious facelift, we also rearranged some of the content and added new features to make pesto.de an even more popular source of entertainment and information. Here's a roundup of what we did, going from the top of the page downwards:

Layout: We left the era of "web 2.0" gloss, no more reflections on our logo, less eye candy and a more graphical approach. We believe that this makes the information more accessible and furthermore concentrates on what's important: content. We are now using a centered layout still but broadened the whole content area as widescreen formats become more and more standard. Additionally, this allows for a better separation of the main content and the sidebar content.

old header on  pesto.de

The submenus used to be below the navigation tabs and could have been overseen pretty easily. These submenus can now be found on top of the sidebar, making it easier for you to access these pages and subscribe to our email newsletter for instance or perform a search on the site.

The navigation itself remains more or less untouched on top of the page but is less colourful. As we have grown up and gained more self esteem, we don't need that huge logo anymore (just kidding) but rather sport a new header that relates to our artists or releases. You will see this header to be exchanged by a different picture every now and then. In case you haven't noticed, it's Sandra Lima - the performer of our current releases Pesto 011 and 011R.

Regarding the news archive, we also switched from a monthly archive to an annual one. All older posts are still there in the respective year - don't forget you can still search for posts by using the categories or by performing a search.

Features: You will find two new features on the news page. The obvious one is our "current releases" player which allows you to listen to our - you guessed it - current releases. This player will be updated before the actual release so pesto.de will be the unique place to preview our upcoming releases long before they're available anywhere else. In connection with our brand new Releases feed, this will be a killer feature for anybody haunting after the latest and greatest tracks.

We also rearranged the content of the former "about" section and renamed it to simply "pesto". This section has been stripped content-wise - "artists" and "catalogue" were joined into one single section - but we have added functionality to make the new "catalogue" area a great research tool. Releases are categorized by label and type of release (single or longplay), each entry uses tags for the artists featured and allows to search for all releases with a specific artist/remixer. You can also use the tag cloud to do so. Each post's publishing date reflects the release date. By subscribing to the Releases feed, you'll always be up to date regarding the new stuff on Pesto and its sublabels. On top of that, you can also have related news items displayed. Isn't that cool?

A word about sublabels: you probably noticed the "Clear" entry - expect more news these days!;)

[update: links from within the RSS feed were broken - this is now fixed]