Partners with Pesto Music: Proton Radio

In an effort to promote our current compilation "2.0 - A Jar Of Fresh Pesto" to a broader audience, we recently have teamed up with Proton Radio. We have bought banner ads that quite some people have already noticed and clicked according to our stats.


As a further result of this partnership, we have become a featured label on Proton's web site with our Pesto logo shining there in full glory. On top of that, Proton were so kind to add a couple of tracks to their daily rotation schedule. Being asked for radio edits of their choice, we provided them with the following tracks from "2.0 - A Jar Of Fresh Pesto":

Mark Duffin - The Man With No Shame
El Presidente - 7Daze
Replika - Inner Visions
Christian G. - Deep Reflections
Allovers - Special 4
Fady Ferraye - Amman

If you tune in to Proton Radio frequently (and we recommend doing so), you'll be presented with these exclusive versions of the 2.0 gems.

Proton Radio will also feature Pesto Music with a dedicated label showcase in brief, expect more details regarding that one on in brief.