Pesto Music installs "Officer" label software

As said before in Jon Silva's NYE letter, we have just installed the "Officer" label software as the backbone of our business.

"Officer" is the highly acclaimed piece of software so many other labels use for their daily business such as Cocoon, Force Inc., Infracom, Kanzleramt, Lado, Neuton, Paul van Dyk, Peppermint Jam, Phazz-A-Delic, Pulver Records, Toca Records, Vienna Scientists just to name a few from Officer's impressive clients list.

This customized database on a Filemaker basis allows us to manage all revenue streams, distribute money to our artists, administrate third party licenses (such as CD compilations of other labels) and above all, it's the backup of both Pesto Music's and traxx Recordings' music catalogue (and future sublabels *hint*). It allows us to spend less time with numbers, passing on the income straight to our artists and kicking the arses of those who are late with their payments. It's also a great tool for statistics and future marketing strategies - to put it short: it does everything we need (and what we've been doing already) while saving us a huge amount of time so we can focus on the creative work!

We're proud "Officers" from now on!:)