Sales statistics: where our fans come from

I have to admit that I am a big fan of statistics. Not because they reveal some ground-breaking information (oh, sometimes, they even do) or because I particularly like these pie graphs (I haven't studied economy - those guys seem to have a weakness for colourful diagrams) but because they sometimes contain a message that would be hidden otherwise.
Especially, when comparing or correlating two kinds of statistic data, one can find fruitful insights (or leave you clueless).

When looking at the sales of Pesto Music (without Traxx and Clear Rec. sales), the ten best selling territories are:

01. USA (ok, could have told you that without looking into the records)
02. Germany (this surprises me now, seems there are more deepheads around than what I thought)
03. UK (would have guessed this one on #02)
04. Canada (another surprise, yet I know Canadians have a great taste in music plus have great artists themselves)
05. France (you French guys just love melody and music, don't you? I mean, who invented the chanson, after all?!)
06. Spain (this really suprises me - Spain used to be among our least selling countries but this has changed when going digital. ¡Gracias!)
07. Japan (oh yeah, Japan has not only a vivid scene but also some really bad-ass artists!)
08. Italy (yeah, we love you too - hint: check our name...haha)
09. Australia (we knew there was something beyond kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef - Australia is among the highest movers in this list)
10. Switzerland (man, there's Da Funk, Replika, C&M Production to name but a few. Zurich is Europe's #1 city when it comes to clubs per inhabitants!)

Interestingly, the volume of downloads sold in the USA is approx. five times the volume of Germany's sales. The other territories sell more or less the same volume, this is also true for countries on position 11 and below: The Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, Poland and Denmark.

Now, let's take a look at where our web site visitors come from:

01. USA
02. Germany
03. Italy
04. Russia
05. Hungary
06. Switzerland
07. UK
08. Poland
09. Sweden
10. Australia

Similar phenomenon here as described above: we have pretty much the same number of unique visitors from Poland, Sweden, Australia and from the countries following on #11 and below. These countries are: The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, Georgia, Estonia, Slovak Republic, Mexico, Ukraine and Turkey.
Visits from the USA make up three times of the number of visitors from Germany.

How would you interprete that data? Italians are more web-affin then British but British spend more money online? Russians are just downloading free stuff (oh, not only them, by the way) but buy less or have trouble getting music online? Would also be interesting to relate the sales data to the number of inhabitants of the respective country: compare the relatively small Denmark (approx. 5.5 million ppl [1] ) to Poland (approx. 38 million ppl [2] ) - the gross domestic product per capita (i.e. per head) is approx. 38.000US$ in Denmark, in Poland it's 18.000US$ per annum [data quoted from Wikipedia], yet still, they sell similar volumes.

I'd like to hear your opinions and comments, so feel free to follow the link at the end of this post (signing up for the Pesto community is really free & easy but required to post on the board). If you'd like to know where your particular country is on the list, you are invited to ask that in the Pesto community, too - I'll be happy to sort those numbers out for you!

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