Supermercado DJ mixes for download

Long time since our last update here - our bad.

What about some fresh DJ mixes for you to download in order to launch the "more frequent updates" season here on again? Aight, here you are.

Esteban Nuñez and Niklas Paus, our Pestoleros from Stockholm have just dropped their Supermercado Autumn 09 mixes and they're well worth a download. Here's CD 1 by Esteban:

01. Oliver Koletzki ft.Juli Holz - Zuckerwatte (David August Mix)
02. Soul Minority - 100% Missing You (Original Mix)
03. Soultourist - Wild Cats (Original Mix)
04. The Pressure, The Quasar - Take Me Over (Gorge Mix)
05. Gamal Kabar - 4 Lally (Original Mix)
06. Doomwork - Fresh (Original Mix)
07. The Mountain People - Mountain008.1 (Original Mix)
08. Steve Lawler - Distrait (Nick Curly & Gorge Mix)
09. Arnaud Le Texier, V-Sexion - Funk some thoughts (Lemos Mix)
10. Bangana - Straight Lines (Kruse & Amp Nurnberg Mix)
11. Ozgur Can - Dust In The Wind (Original Mix)
12. Horacio - Taberna Del Funk (Original Mix)
13. Youandewan - 1988 (Original Mix)

click here to download the mix (direct MP3 link, you may right-click and "save as")

And here is CD 2 by Niklas:

01. Butane - This Is Your Brain On Music
02. Hatikvah - Synchronicity (Chopstick & Johnjon Mix)
03. Oxia - Sun Step (Original Mix)
04. Cascandy - One Front -(Original Mix)
05. Gaiser - Oolooloo
06. Kabale Und Liebe - Lost In Thoughts
07. Sascha Braemer - Puppeteer
08. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Luechtoorn Remix (Dominik Eulberg Mix)
09. Cascandy - Two Front (Original Mix)
10. Transform - Transformation (Neumann & Styles Mix)
11. Till Von Sein & Tigerskin - I
12. Cagedbaby - Medicine (Radio Slave Medicine For The Soul Mix)
13. Alejandro Mosso - Somebody
14. Timo Maas - Bite The Dust (Simon Baker Mix)
15. Lemos - Kalooo (Arnaud le Texier Mix)
16. Samuel L Session - The Soloist
17. 2Raumwohnung - Wir Werden Sehen (Solomun Vox Mix)

click here to download the mix (direct MP3 link, you may right-click and "save as")

Hope you enjoy and make sure to add the guys on Facebook.