PestoCast doesn't update on iTunes, RSS feed lacks updates [update2]

We have just noticed that our RSS feed does not update properly, therefore PestoCasts and FreeBees are missing on iTunes, too. The whole trouble seems to be related to Feedburner (aqcuired by Google last year), the service we use to publish our original RSS feed.

We are working to fix this issue asap - sorry for the inconvenience & thanks for understanding!

[update1: It seems that a specific iTunes tag is causing the problem. This tag is used to tell iTunes that the web address for an RSS feed has changed. Apparently, doing so causes major hiccups at Feedburner. We’re testing a couple of things now - please excuse if you receive a couple of "updates“ with the same content.]

[update2: After messing around with XML code, Feedburner (ok, meanwhile the name makes sense) and some tweaking in RapidWeaver, the Pesto RSS feed seems to be back to work. We just checked the feed source as well as the Feedburner version and they all update properly, iTunes reveals our latest downloadable "Pesto FreeBee #5". We're happy now, after losing just one day of work...aaaaarrrrghhhh)]