Classic House tune: Lil' Louis - French Kiss

Hmm...another one from back in 1989 - seems we're somewhat stuck in the late 1980ies/early 1990ies. So what.

Here is House music's icon Lil' Louis, straight outta Chicago with French Kiss. A blueprint for many of today's House tracks still (aside from the moaning, the chords are just too wicked):

And believe it or not - the first time we got to hear this one, it was on Germany's public radio!

Classic Soul tune: Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life

One of these kind of one hit wonders was Joyce Sims with her "Come Into My Life" tune. Nevertheless, the tune has all it takes (in our opinion): a fat bassline, congas, meaty claps and vocals that deserve the term "hooky"! Check out this one from back in 1987 (click the HQ button for more pleasure):

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Classic Dance tunes: Usura - Open Your Mind, Felix - Don't You Want Me

Here's one classic Dance tune, originating from Italy in 1992, that melts ItaloDisco and House into a grade A++ chart stormer. Yeah, I repeat, this entered even the worst charts of the world: Germany (no, please don't get me started on the Eurovision Song Contest).
Usura's "Open Your Mind" came out the same year as Felix's "Don't You Want Me" - so can you imagine what a great year 1992 was for any lover of electronic music?

It was also a great year for Deconstruction, the label that released both of these smashers. Here's Usura:

And now comes Felix (they threw camouflage gigs in full masquerade long before Daft Punk, btw). One of the co-producers is Rollo, Dido's brother, who should also play a role in the success story of Faithless beginning three years later, in 1995. Check out "Don't You Want Me":

Use the board, young Skywalker!

Classic House tune: S'Express - Theme From S'Express

Believe it or not - this tune by S'Express made it up the German charts back in 1988. Where are Dance tunes like this one nowadays?

When I was a regular clubber at Stuttgart's first issue of the renowned M1 club (based at Milchstrasse - the official name of the street was literally "milky way") back in 1995/1996, this was one of the jams the DJ kicked in sundays at 9am - to the pleasure of all left over MDMA, coke and alcohol victims.

Countdown is, dos, uno, dos, tres, cuatro:

Original video:

Extended UK mix, HQ:

DJ Prince from Norway supplies another analysis:

Use the board, young Skywalker!

Classic HipHop tune: Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix) [update]

Here's another from back in the days coming from Eric B. & Rakim. "Paid In Full" was a major hit in 1987 and I actually liked it so much that I listened to the 12" over and over again when my brother wasn't at home (as it was his record collection). I think my bro hated his younger brother for doing so but in the end it made me aware of many diamonds that are still in his vinyl collection. Today, he would gladly lend me his vinyl so we're cool.

This is the Coldcut remix, a shorter radio version of this exists, of course.

If we dissect this tune a bit, it becomes clear that except for Rakim's raps (and they're great old skool style, many of the rhymes have become "quotes" of everyday use in HipHop), everything else on this one is borrowed from other tracks. Think the bass line is great? Yeah, it's from Dennis Edward's "Don't Look Any Further" on Motown from 1984:

I know, the video looks awesome funny, but the tune kicks arse! (Note to self: never have chewing gum when shooting a video, regardless how charming your wink)

The oriental vocal you hear in Coldcut's remix is by Israel's Ofrah Haza (R.I.P.) - originally a yemenite folk song that turned a global hit in 1987:

There are countless other samples contained in "Paid In Full" - feel free to name them on our forum.

[update: as Pesto community member "The Squeezer" from Portugal hints, there is a video analysis on Youtube by Norway's DJ Prince - thanks Ricardo aka The Squeezer!]

Classic HipHop tune: O.C. feat. Yvette Michelle - Far From Yours

One of the most overseen, most underrated MCs ever, if you ask me - ladies and gents, make some noise for O.C! Good to know I have his "Jewelz" album from 1997 on double 12" somewhere in my warehouse.
And now get ready for some spring, early summer vibes straight from the left coast (embedding has been disabled unfortunately, so please follow the link):

O.C. feat. Yvette Michelle - Far From Yours

If anybody wants to know: the original sample is by The Brothers Johnson from their 1976 album "Look Out for #1", the respective tune is named "Tomorrow". The Brothers Johnson are famous not only because of their original work (which is quite nice to listen to still) rather than for providing samples for mid-1990ies House tunes such as this one:

Here's an instrumental of "Far From Yours" provided via YT, too (it's the whole tune just without the raps, to be precise):

Classic House tune: Fingers Inc. - Can You Feel It

Whoaaa. This is the blueprint for so many of today's deep House tunes. The vocals have been sampled to an extent close to abuse, the chord/pad sound found its way into the countless House sampling CDs, the bassline has been replayed (being altered or not) so often it hurts. Yet still, there's nothing like the original: Fingers Inc. - Can You Feel It?

While Larry Heard and Robert Owens are still in the biz (still quite successful), we haven't heard anything of Ron Wilson.

Classic House tune: Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

When we were young, without a belly and went out every Thursday to Sunday (or Monday), this was one of our constants: Jaydee's Plastic Dreams from 1992 (the video says otherwise but check the discogs link). Awesome classic and sampled or covered a couple of times.

The "right" version of this one is over 10 minutes in length, but you'll get the picture. Oh, and sorry to visitors from the UK (just kidding, I hope this one's not affected).

Classic House tune: Ron Trent - Altered States

A true classic back from 1992 that brings back some memories. More details about Ron Trent and this release on discogs.