daft punk

Classic House tunes: Daft Punk - Da Funk, Around The World & Revolution 909

Hey, did you know that Daft Punk, before writing pop music and movie scores, dedicated a song to our mate Da Funk from Switzerland? Just kidding, but you have to admit it reads well. Check out this classic from 1995 - the original release on Soma was not such a huge hit until Virgin released it again in 1996. Did I say already I have the original Soma 12"?

If you found this video too depressing towards the end, here's another classic from them that will lift you up again - "Around The World":

Last one for now and actually one of my favourites from their "Homework" album, also dating from 1996. As different as these three tunes are, as much do they reveal the great art behind Daft Punk's videos. I highly recommend you check out the Daft Punk video channel on youtube.

Snowhite & The 7 Dwarfs vs. Daft Punk

Done with your daily work (lucky you!) and ready for some fun? Check this out:

Found via NerdCore where a certain Kay also posted this link: idaft beta