Berny - Shplatten: a MASSIVE remix pack (incl. Jon Silva remix) just out

Padova-based Berny already made some waves when his "Shplatten" got released earlier this year. Throughout all summer, it was impossible to not hear one of the mixes contained on the original release unless you were living under a rock. Richie Hawtin, a name probably familiar for most of you, could not resist playing the great rework by Luca Ricci, head honcho of the acclaimed Aenaria label group. I have proof:

I myself chose Joy Kitikonti's remix for my guest mix on Randy Seidman's "Open House" podcast, the version that also stormed Beatport's DeepHouse charts. You can surely imagine how proud I was when Berny approached me, asking me to remix the tune. It's always a great honour to remix stuff that one really likes but that also makes it more difficult. Here's what I came up with - I hope I did justice to the great original:

Hope you like my rework but in case you don't, there are 12 (yes, that's TWELVE!) other really kick-ass mixes by such illustrious names as Evren Ulusoy, Satoshi Fumi and the aforementioned Luca Ricci and Joy Kitikonti to name just but a few. Please check out this massive release and show some love by getting this in your cart.

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