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Have you heard of twitter? It's the latest media hype, at least here in Germany. Funny enough, we set up a profile back in March 2007 already but weren't hardly posting. Maybe because we did not see the sense of the service.

We will now make use of twitter more often, especially in order to share small bits & pieces that are not worth of posting a whole news article here on pesto.de. Twitter will fill the gap between longer reads on our site and one-liners containing just a link. Take, for instance, a good tune we heard on last.fm and we'd just like to share that one with you - twitter is ideal to do so.

You can follow us here: http://twitter.com/Pestomusic

If you feel you'd like to talk about twitter or microblogging in general, post your profile, etc. - you can do so in the Pesto Community.