Guest post: Christian G.

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Here's the third one in a loose series of guest posts, this time written by the artist of our current single Pesto 015 "Deep Reflection". Please welcome Mr. Christian G from Sydney, Australia and make sure you follow the provided links in order to learn more about hearing protection.

I am sitting here in awe contemplating where this journey has taken me. The journey began way back in the early 80's. The music was different then as it is different now and continues to evolve. Over time I ended up with a taste for Deep House music.

I appreciate all genres and styles but always come back to deep and moody melodies with snippets of tunes originating from artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and a myriad of other ambient and atmospheric artists lurking beneath the sound of the deep.

A very good friend of mine, Paul from Chugg Radio once told me that outstanding music has "separation" where each instrument has its place, every sound has its purpose and above all it has that "Chugg" creating a unique feeling.

Throughout my DJing career I've always played with a passion and a goal to ensure all present have a memorable experience. I've played with percentages holding this basic club rule tucked away in my back pocket that will work for me in years to come. I have always worked in clubs believing in three things that made it all happen for me, the club and the paying customer. They are the bar, the door and the DJ. Break one of these links and it would all come tumbling down. Whether it happened overnight or in a year the persistence paid off. DJing was more than a passion for me. I was passionate about the business side as well as the task at hand in creating a vibe which was rewarded by the reaction of the crowd, acknowledgement and financial gain for all involved.

However the personal downside was a lack of education in protecting ones ears in the skilful art of DJing. I spent 18 years hammering away with perpetual beats week in week out. Now I often wonder what would have been if only I had someone in a similar situation warn me about the dangers of long term exposure to loud sounds leading to Tinnitus. It is quite sad to hear a doctor advise you that you can't play anymore. "It's All Gone Pete Tong" (watch a trailer here) may have been funny to some but I can tell you first hand that it isn't. To all fellow DJs reading this article you have an opportunity to become aware of this condition and protect your hearing with the use of earplugs between gigs, ensure you have annual hearing check ups and learn to relax your ears regularly. I can hear you saying "I have a need to listen to my music loud, to get a feel for the track, ..." but I can talk from personal experience. Been there, done that and I've paid the price for it.

Without going on about it for much longer, the cat is now out of the bag. I have Tinnitus, yet I followed my dream and was fortunate enough to get feedback and support from a true workhorse and ambassador of the Deep House movement ... Jon Silva. He liked what he heard and here we are with Deep Reflection.

Hope you all enjoy the ride !

Christian G

Pesto 015: Christian G. - Deep Reflection out excl. on Beatport

cover artwork for Pesto 015: Christian G. - Deep Reflection
Released just yesterday as a Beatport exclusive, we are proud to present you our first australian Pestolero (wait, maybe that would rather be a Pestoleroo?). "Deep Reflection" on Pesto 015 comes with an updated version - Organ Chugg Mix 2010 - of Christian G.'s original, featured on our "2.0 - A Jar Of Fresh Pesto" compilation. Next in the pack is a Jon Silva remix, reminiscent of the mid 1990ies Deep House sound. Following the Original from 2009 in a remastered version, we have a storming techy remix by Herbert Pryne who just recently had the honour to remix one of Anne Clark's tunes.

Christian Giovannis aka Christian G. from Sydney, Australia began his passion for music and DJing in 1988. He made his debut on a number of local community radio stations presenting current underground releases in a commercially dominant environment. Soon after he explored his creativity and passion for music by pursuing a life long dream in DJing which to this day continues to play a big part of his life.

With 22 years at the helm, Christian has been through the ups and downs of the music and dance scene. He has played in all of Sydney's major clubs showcasing his technical ability and programming skills to packed dance floors. Reading crowds week in week out made him a favourite amongst the clubbing crowd and establishing a reputation as a DJ's DJ.

From the days of turntables and mixed tapes right up to current technology he has kept in touch with the mechanics of the trade with an emphasis on DJ programming. More recently he produced his own blend of deep grooving numbers with a remix of Harry Vincent's Rapture on Plastic City which also features on a mix by Soda Inc (Plastic City - Maybe). Christian continues to push and share the love of deep house music through many forms of media, mixed sets and has regular DJ mix slots on, Sydney's number 1 Deep House radio station. In addition he has appeared a special guest with regular spins on FBI radio in Sydney by Sydney DJ James Locksmith from FBI & Jembe Music.

Besides being deeply involved in music, Christian is a talented photographer as well. The cover artwork for Pesto 015 "Deep Reflection" is actually one of his brilliant shots. If you would like to check out more of his photographic works, make sure you spend some time on his photography page.

Mr. Christian G can also be found on Facebook, Soundcloud and twitter.

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Pesto 015: Christian G. - Deep Reflection [video]

As always, we've made a little video teaser for you. Here's the one from Pesto 015: Christian G. - Deep Reflection

You can get this release exclusive from Beatport:

PestoMix 015 by Christian G. "Berry Deep"

When I wrote the introduction for our last PestoMix 014 by Martin Broszeit, I told you about autumn here in Cologne and how this would be true only if you were located on the northern hemisphere.
Since here at Pesto, we believe in the balance of things and the same rights for everyone, PestoMix 015 "Berry Deep" by Christian G. comes straight from Sydney, Australia where they have summer at this time of the year.

As luck would have it, Christian G. is also the artist of our Pesto 015 single named "Deep Reflection" that will be released as a Beatport excl. later today. The tune was already featured on our last 2.0 compilation "A Jar Of Fresh Pesto" and comes with fresh remixes by Christian himself, Herbert Pryne who just recently remixed Anne Clark and the inevitable Jon Silva. More on the "Deep Reflection" single coming here in brief.

Here's the tracklist for PestoMix 015 "Berry Deep" by Christian G.:

01. Wiretappeur - My Real Name Is [Bedrock]
02. The Cabronistas - Deep Thang [Hearbeat]
03. Evren Ulusoy - Believe [Kolour]
04. Tonkproject - Deeper Than My Soul [Deepclass]
05. Evren Ulusoy - Pon Farr [Undercool]
06. JML - Into The Wild (Peter Horrevorts Big Five Remix) [Vibrating Balance]
07. Jimmy, Fer Ferrari - Back To Buenos Aires [Solid Fabric]
08. Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - Singing In The Bathtub [Loco]
09. Apologist - Violator (Latenta Project Remix) [Proton]
10. Simon Garcia - Raw War [Laka Tosh]
11. Alain Ho feat. Marlene - Je Pense A Toi (Kruse & Nürnberg Remix) [Composite]

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PestoMix 013 by Jon Silva "Karisma Chronicles"

Back in July, I was invited to deliver a guest mix for Daxxel's "Karisma Chronicles" blog/podcast from France. Being in the good company of Gorge, Scope, Kruse & Nurnberg (yeah, I know it's Nürnberg), Nikola Gala, Burnski, Bas Amro and Cooccer and under the heavy influence of at least one month of pure summer here in Cologne, I made this little DJ mix.

As it contains a couple of previously unreleased tunes from Pesto EP001, Pesto EP002 und upcoming Pesto singles, it's still as fresh as the morning.

Shake your thang, show me whatchu got - here's the tracklist:

01. Alankara - The One (Intro Tool) []
02. Patryk Molinari - Some Old, Some New []
03. Norman Creed - Deep Breath []
04. Out Code - Lost In Chinese (Stefan Naimor Remix) [Tokyo Red]
05. Stan Kolev - Event Horizon (Jon Silva Remix) [Outta Limits]
06. Helly Larson - The Sea []
07. Replika - Inner Visions (Jon Silva's Tool Mix) []
08. Jozef K - Elevation (Ellesse & Pete Zorba Remix) [Kaluki]
09. Nick Fay - Your Love []
10. Bruno From Ibiza - Delicia (Jon Silva's Terrace Mix) []
11. Benedetto & Farina feat. Robert Owens - Relight The Stars [Inkfish]

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