Selected links #002

Tips for running a label in 2009 - some of the statements are not only true for 2009, article lacks a bit of depth - still a nice read though. Check out the comments, too!
Production Advice - freshly launched blog providing, you guessed it, advice on your productions. Also features insights on different aspects of music production, mixing and mastering
50 things every Mac geek should know - not really, still an interesting read though if you want to find out more about Apple
Togu Audio Line - audio plugin developer from Switzerland, maker of bad-ass TAL-Uno-62 - freeware Roland Juno plugin and others for OS X and Windoze (consider donating though)
TAL-Uno-62 - nice read about the above plugin
Below The Radar showreel - quite impressive pile of class A clients my bro Ricardo Torres has been working for, you have seen one or another ad for sure

Use the board, young Skywalker!

Today's 808 day!

Did you have a look on your calendar today? It's 8/08 which wouldn't be anything special if there wasn't one classic drum computer with a similar name.

Say hello to Roland's TR-808, an analogue drum machine from 1981 that has been playing an essential role in HipHop, Acid and House let alone Electro music until today. Despite Whitney Houston using the 808's cowbell in her "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", a lot of tunes or even whole bands wouldn't exist without this machine. Take Afrika Bambaata's "Planet Rock" or the Two Live Crew, for example. For the mature ones among us, let's not forget about "808 State", youngsters should check this out.

Even "The Mulder's Deepest Remix" of Sandra Lima's Higher, our current release on Pesto, uses the 808's cowbell.

Too bad, we did not think of March 3rd 2003 in order to celebrate a TB-303 day. But hey, mark September 9th next year in your calendar to praise the Queen of House drums, Roland's TR-909!

Some footage found via different sources (thanks to Music Thing and de:bug magazine):