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PestoMix 012 by Nick Fay

If you're a DeepHouse-only person, please ignore this post and the attached DJ mix. PestoMix 012 by Nick Fay is far from deep - it's bouncing, shaking, sexy, clubby and will make you go oooh. If you don't feel like shaking your pelvis after approx. 3mins or at around 15:38 latest, please see a doctor - something is probably very wrong with you.

Nick Fay is a young talent based in Strumica, Macedonia/FYROM. When Jon Silva played the "Select" venue in Strumica on his 5-weeks tour all over the Balkans, he had the great pleasure to meet Nick there and with the help of Jovan Gligorov of RDC in Sofia, Bulgaria a deeper connection was established. Jon remixed Nick Fay's "Progression", a release on USB (Underground Sound of Bulgaria), Nick started working on a remix for Fady Ferraye's "Amman" single on Pesto and the two were sending lots of messages on Facebook, sharing DJ mixes and tracks. It was inevitable that Nick Fay had to be a guest on our PestoMix series and we're more than happy to present you this awesome DJ mix.

Enjoy pure summer madness - we've been listening to this mix all afternoon and it brought us back the sweaty summer vibe, even though it's rainy, grey and cold in Cologne today (as usual). Nick's mix also contains "Your Love", an original track by Nick to be released on Pesto EP002 in October. Here's the track list:

01. Jay C & Felix Baumgartner - Souk (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records]
02. Full Intention, Marco Demark, Dave Manna - America (LYS Remix) [Full Intention Records]
03. Patrick M - You Got (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
04. Nick Fay - Your Love (Original Mix) []
05. Kaiserdisco - Pitaya (Original Mix) [MBF]
06. Florian Kruse & Nils Nurnberg - Lovers N Fighters (DJ Madskillz Remix) [Noir Musc]
07. Damon Jee - Shimo (Original Mix) [Definitive Recordings]
08. Tiger Stripes - Together Forever (Make It House) (Dub Mix) [Toolroom Records]
09. Joris Voorn - The Secret (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings]
10. Samuel L Session - Preach on feat Elbee Bad (Modular Mix) [Flying Donkey]
11. Samuel L Session - Can You Relate (Joris Voorn Remix) [Soma Records]

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