How to NOT submit a demo to Pesto Music (or in general)

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Submitting your demo to Pesto Music

If you ever wanted to submit your tracks to Pesto Music, you would have different ways of doing so.

Many use our contact form and paste links to their demos there, some use yousendit, others contact us via our profile pages on social networks such as Facebook, twitter or myspace. We also accept CDs but with regards to the environment, we invite you to not involve a piece of plastic. There is just one no-go: attaching MP3 files to emails. These emails do not only clutter our mailbox but also increase the size of the mailbox file (and yes, it does have a limit). These emails go straight to the bin.

Today, we are adding another way of submitting your killer tunes: our dropbox on Soundcloud! It's free, easy to use, you can connect with other artists and labels and it looks pretty nice. We have added the Soundcloud dropbox to our imprint page (where you find our general demo submission policy).

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