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Did you miss our twitter roundup, also known as "recycled tweets" from Pesto Music? Well, we've been quite active on twitter and here are some selected tweets from the last 30 days:

- just found this ad for a laser turntable on sale prices starting at US$10,800
- if you ever wondered who shot the cover pic of "Enjoy This Trip" - say hello to Mitch Zimmer
- home taping is killing music, home fucking is killing prostitution: [vid]
- Mr Jones of The Disclosure Project fame has just released a new mix containing my remix 4 Ulusoy & Uysal's Turkish Mood
- free plugin (AU, VST, RTAS) from Elysia: niveau filter
- absolutely awesome Korg Monotron demo vid at

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Why I like David Guetta, Cascade, Ke$ha and the likes

"It's complicated, it always is - that's just the way it goes" - these are the words Kelly Rowland (of former Destiny's Child fame) kicks off her vocal part with in David Guetta's global smash hit "When Love Takes Over". And the meaning of these words also describe one of the main conflicts Dance artists have to face: either make "cool" music for the underground but don't know how to pay your rent or prostitute yourself by making dance music with mass appeal while losing your street credibility at the same time.
Example? I just posted via twitter that I like Cascada's "Evacuate The Dancefloor" and a few minutes later, I had three "friends" less on Facebook.

To tell you honestly, my first touch with electronic music wasn't Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, the artists usually quoted in interviews (although I love Kraftwerk!). My first contact with electronic sounds were with what is called Euro Trash: Technotronic, Capella, Corona - to name but a few. If you are too young to remember (or too ashamed of), here's what I mean:

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam

Capella - U Got 2 Know

Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night

No doubt, my big brother also had a huge impact on me as he was listening to grey imports from the US at that time. Long before these tunes were breaking in Germany (if they ever did), my bro had the 12" vinyls at home and I used to steal them from his locker and listen to Donna Allen, Princess (produced by the infamous Stock/Aitken/Waterman trio who would be writing the tune for the Rickroll meme years later), Todd Terry and many more Black Music/Dance/Funk artists from the USA's east coast or the UK.

Donna Allen - Serious

Royal House (aka Todd Terry) - Can You Party

Princess - Say I'm Your Number One

So when I was 20, back in 1996, I started making music with Len Faki after having tweaked sounds just for myself for a couple of years. I was introduced to illegal Goa parties, listened to Trance (which wasn't pure plastic back then - anyone remember Sven Väth's label Eye-Q?) and then slowly got into Techno by founding the "monoid" imprint together with Len back in 1997.

I felt I needed to move away from the cheesy Eurodance stuff, reduce melodies to a minimum, focus on groove, beats and "crazy" sounds until Len and me developed the "Lexicon" sound on Plastic City. "Lexicon" was a fusion of House and Techno, still not devoted to melodies but more going into a melodic direction as opposed to the sound we released on monoid. "Lexicon" was anticipated as "the german Daft Punk" back then with support from national celebrities such as Markus Kavka of MTV News who sent a raving email to Plastic City, expressing how much he enjoyed our first album "The Lessons".

But it shouldn't be before 2003 when I went back to my roots and discovered "Trance" and melodies again by forming the Soda Inc. project with Babak Shayan. We fused DeepHouse and Trance - never heard before at that time - and there was just one label believing in what we did called Plastic City. At that time, a lot of my buddies wondered if I was crazy because of the Soda Inc. sound just to find out that in 2005 (when the "Full Moon" album was released, it was also featured on a 2004 single on Shayan Music), we were recognized as the german founders of "NeoTrance". As a commenter puts it on below's YT video: "Amazing sound for a track of year 2004. That was a sound of future progressive-tech house we have today IMHO." This comment was made in March 2010, fyi.

Soda Inc. - Full Moon

The following Soda Inc. album titled "Inner Vision" contained our smash hit "Night Fever", a cover version of an old Motown classic with which Kim Wilde proved to be very successful in the 1980ies, too:

Soda Inc. - Night Fever

This is when I discovered that melody and vocal lines aren't cheesy in general. Fuck yeah, people love melodies, people love to sing along (even on cool underground events such as I Love Deep in Budapest, Hungary). Melodies and catchy vocals is what remains in our minds once the music has stopped. Proof? There you go:

Soda Inc. - Night Fever

I Love Deep is surely far from being an event for the broad masses, it's an underground venue with underground people and yet still, they sing along and go crazy as soon as they recognize the tune playing. One could say it's just because we covered a famous tune but it also works with tracks that were 100% from my mind:

Soda Inc. - Cross The Ocean

Soda Inc. - Big Love

So what happened was that I distilled the essence of Pop music and added it to the underground House sound. Soda Inc. lost a lot of fans for doing so, just to gain a whole lotta more fans with the music on "Inner Vision". The very same happened to Hardfloor, kings of Roland's TB-303 when they entered the UK Top10 with an instrumental Acid tune back in the early 1990ies.

Hardfloor - Acperience 1

I mean, were they commercial when entering the charts? Hell no, they just did what they always do but at one moment, people just enjoyed what they did. It's a plain, pure Acid track - no more, no less. But indeed, after Hardfloor was breaking in the UK, AcidHouse was known to a way broader audience than it used to be before.

And this insight takes us back to the original intention noted in the headline: why I like David Guetta, Cascade, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and all the likes.

They're all not reinventing the wheel - it hardly can be done. But what these artists do is the opposite of what I used to do with Soda Inc. or my Jon Silva project, for example: rather than introducing "commercial" or poppy elements to the underground, they're taking underground to the commercial market.

Here's another example of melting (ie "stealing") pop with dance in the underground realm - also available as a Pesto FreeBee (direct MP3 link):

David Guetta introduces sounds to the global Top10s that were reserved for the underground before. He's bringing Dance music to the attention of the masses. When was the last time you heard a proggy synth bass line in a Top10 tune? See? What's the huge difference between a Deadmau5 tune and "When Love Takes Over"? There is none, except the vocals (and a great PR department behind). You could say David stole many ideas of former underground tunes - and it's true. But he makes way for Dance music in our charts by releasing tunes as David Guetta feat. XYZ but also by co-producing tunes for the Black Eyed Peas. Who would have thought that the USA would step back from Black Music with 50Cent or Beyoncé in favour of a European-influenced fusion of Club/Dance music spiced up with RnB elements just three years ago? I wasn't, but I Got A Feeling;)

Or let's take Cascada - they're from just around the corner, former german capital "Bonn" - and they borrow a lot of ideas from Lady Gaga (on their album, they also steal from Pryda aka Eric Prydz BIG time). But rather than releasing their plastic trance sound from the past, they adopt to the "Zeitgeist" because Lady Gaga made way for these synth lines, beats and aesthetics. And while we can argue if "Evacuate The Dancefloor"" is something brand new (it's not), it's still a great pop song. Very well written and very well executed by blondie Natalie Horler. Check out the original single version:

Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor

And here's the "unplugged" version as performed on german public TV:

You'll surely notice that they just wrote an AMAZING, catchy Pop song and that Natalie doesn't require all the autotune magic - in fact, she's a great singer (hell, it's 7:50am and the show is live!).

So, while I still prefer the deeper House sounds from my buddies (and would never play stuff like Cascada on my gigs), I'm convinced that these artists do our scene a huge favour by introducing synthetic dance music to a broad audience. Decide for yourself: would you like to hear more Nickelback and Green Day (hey, I'm not against guitars - Gossip rings my bell big time!) or would you like to see more Dance stuff in the charts? I for one am very clear about this.

If you like this post, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends - I'd love to discuss things with you!

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- Chris Tomsett aka K-Bana delivers the deep goodness download his current mix!
- FingerBeat iPhone App | flylyf that looks pretty awesome!
- Disclosure Project Recordings' Podcast: Label Showcase 1 (22-Jun-2009) ~ All-kinds-of music blog :)
- Moby Shows (Again) That Free Music Doesn't Cannibalize Paid Music | Techdirt
- North Korean Beer Ad: Long, Weird, Full of Lies | The Big Money
- hypebot: The 10 Commandments Of Music 2.0 all 10 items: check (though there's room for improvement, of course)

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Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- RT @aalaap @anaggh: If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough.#tips ROFL!!!
- DJ Sets World Record For Longest Set » Synthtopia
- "Never argue with an idiot. He will lower you to his level and beat you with experience." too true, anybody knows the source?
- Russian Woman rapes 10 men. : worldnews in soviet Russia & stuff rofl
- The Green Dam Phenomenon - Germany in line with China and Iran re web censorship, that makes me proud now:(((
- Lisbon's light-touch drugs policy
- morning tweeple! Facebook vanity name set: - that's way better to remember;)

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Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- The most analogue, organic oscillator in the world: the electric fish oscillator | SynthGear
- Petrol cans as record boxes | Nerdcore
- Apple Gets Pwned, SF Store Is Now Advertising DVD Jon’s doubleTwist
- HOME - really great documentary about our planet Earth, watch full vid on YT
- Virgin Denies Interest In Playboy | it's actually just that headline that strikes me :D
- Dutch Music Collection Society Loses Artist Royalties In The Stock Market | Techdirt

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Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- Netherlands runs out of criminals, has to shut prisons - Boing Boing
- Pirate Party Backed by Sweden’s Most Prolific Writer | TorrentFreak
- I love to make people happy!:)
- RA: How to CDJ properly
- Sony Pictures CEO: The Internet Is Still Bad | Techdirt Lynton, you REALLY do not get it. #sony #fail #interwebz
- BBC NEWS | Europe | Germany bans cola after drug test now THIS keeps you awake for sure
- Fear And Loathing: The Board Game - Boing Boing think the Samoan lawyer is missing;)
- deepGroove Radio
- RT @ButtaBaby @sistertoldja #3wordsaftersex with R. Kelly "You not 12??????" ROTFL

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Usually, when an article is posted on, it contains not just links to some pages or the plain YouTube video. When we post something in our "classic xyz tune" section for example, we'll supply you with background info, links to more sources of information (such as, for instance) and so on and so forth.

Doing all this research takes time. In general, an article posted on requires approx. 30 minutes of research and fine tuning of the words at least.

We use twitter to broadcast infos that are either not worth an update of our web site (because it's too little content or they're just small bits), because they're not related to what we publish here (see trials around piratebay or german civil rights) or because they are of a certain urgency and need to be published *instantly* rather than two hours later (no, we're not referring to Patrick Swayze's pre-death).

Every once in a while, we "recycle" our twitter stream and take out the most newsworthy things to post them in a dedicated news post here on This is just the cream of the crop, the sugar on top, find another rhyme on -op. Yet still, there are a couple of net news to be found on our twitter stream so it totally makes sense to follow us in order to get the latest DJ mixes, videos and articles we've filtered out of the net for you.

Sometimes, we just receive links to DJ mixes. After asking the respective DJ for permission, we post the download link on twitter but not here. Here are two examples: Replika and Mike Starr, both part of our upcoming "2.0" compilation just sent a link to their friends - we make it publically available in order to promote those artists.

So, get on twitter, follow us, tell your friends to do so, too and we'll all be happy. Well - ish...hehehe. Of course, you could also just visit our web site and see what we have posted but we feel better with you as a follower.

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Recycled from our twitter stream - the german edition, ausgewählte Tweets von

Here are some selected tweets from us - this time covering topics in german language. Hier sind ein paar ausgewählte tweets von uns, dieses Mal in deutscher Sprache:

- Was war links? Sehr interessante Doku über die Zusammenhänge der 68er, RAF et al.
- @jensscholz hat einen guten Artikel über Politikerverdrossenheit, äh, Politikerverachtung:
- NDR Fernsehen - Sendungen - Zapp- Politiker-Pläne: Heftige Proteste gegen Sperrungen im Internet
- RT @mogisverein Die Umfrage im #mogisblog wird häufig falsch zitiert .. Bitte Fragestellung lesen #weitersagen
- Florian ‘fh’ Holzhauer Hintergründe zur Downtime
- flashmob: Grundgesetzlesen kommt am Samstag um 14:00 auf die Domplatte in Kölle, andere Städte siehe Link, RT this!
- wer kein Grundgesetz hat, hier gibt's ein PDF:

Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns morgen um 14:00 auf der Domplatte in Köln, um ein paar Leuten die Leviten das Grundgesetz zu lesen.

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Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- Synthesizer Tattoos: Synth Geekery at it's Best | SynthGear
- Mike Starr, who's also part of our upcoming "2.0" compilation just uploaded a new DJ mix: SoundCloud
- Daniel Denvir: I, Pot Smoker | Huffington Post |
- Person In Charge Of Determining If Pirate Bay Judge Is Biased... May Be Biased | Techdirt
- YouTube - the world's first DJ battle

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Selected links #005 - special edition "social networking" - Pesto Music myspace profile - my music profile - my private profile - what we listen to - oh yes, we're on Facebook too - like once a month or so;) - one of the latest hypes probably, we'll explain in brief what we use it for - Pesto TV - our profile on, DJ mixes to be added soon (no, really now!)

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- RT @mechanique Search for who charted you on Beatport with this application I developed:
- Reading: "The TT Dynamic Range Meter: Avoid over-compressing your mix - Mastering Media Blog" (
- only 17% IE6 (transparent PNG galore!), 68% Mozilla, 9% Opera, 2% WebKit
- Gabriel Creole - Looking Beyond EP - - the best House Music ...
- Ecological Business Cards | The Inspiration Room Daily
- Sony CEO Lynton: "I'm A Guy Who Doesn't See Anything Good Having Come From The Internet. Period." LOL, my new fav quote #sonyfail #interwebz

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Selected links #004 - great ressource for, well, vintage synths - John Gruber's Daring Fireball, Mac-centered, entertaining IT news gossip - in-depth reviews and features by Peter Kirn - your daily stopover if you're working in the creative industry (and also if not) - hints, how-tos and backgrounds on and about using Twitter

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The Daily Show on Twitter

Just two days ago, we told you about our twitter thingy going on here. The Daily Show on Comedy Central now has a nice vid about all the hype.

See yourself here.

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Have you heard of twitter? It's the latest media hype, at least here in Germany. Funny enough, we set up a profile back in March 2007 already but weren't hardly posting. Maybe because we did not see the sense of the service.

We will now make use of twitter more often, especially in order to share small bits & pieces that are not worth of posting a whole news article here on Twitter will fill the gap between longer reads on our site and one-liners containing just a link. Take, for instance, a good tune we heard on and we'd just like to share that one with you - twitter is ideal to do so.

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If you feel you'd like to talk about twitter or microblogging in general, post your profile, etc. - you can do so in the Pesto Community.