The sound chair

Sound Design, taken from a whole different angle, is the work of Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - a UK designer with colombian roots. He feeds a water-jet cutter with waveforms to cut the shapes for his sound chair out of polyethylene foam. Here's a visualization:

Bild 1

And the finished product:

Bild 4

Reminds us a bit of the waveform bracelets we brought you earlier, just on a bigger scale. If you visit Matthew's web site, you find more details, pictures and animations of the sound chair as well as more examples of the designer's projects.

[found via noiseaddicts.com, all pics © plummerfernandez.com]

Waveforms as bracelets

Designed as a constant reminder for kids not to use drugs, parents can now record a message on the Sound Advice Project website and render the waveform of the recording into a bracelet with the same shape:


Valentine's day has passed already but you could also record a nice message for your beloved ones when their b-day approaches. Or you show some love for Pesto and have our acoustic logo rendered:


Joel Johnson at BoingBoing notes though that the sentence "Drugs can be fun and informative. And used responsibly can be part of any healthy person's cognitive life" would also fit into the six-seconds recording space on the website.

[Found via BoingBoing]