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Partners with Pesto Music: Proton Radio

In an effort to promote our current compilation "2.0 - A Jar Of Fresh Pesto" to a broader audience, we recently have teamed up with Proton Radio. We have bought banner ads that quite some people have already noticed and clicked according to our stats.


As a further result of this partnership, we have become a featured label on Proton's web site with our Pesto logo shining there in full glory. On top of that, Proton were so kind to add a couple of tracks to their daily rotation schedule. Being asked for radio edits of their choice, we provided them with the following tracks from "2.0 - A Jar Of Fresh Pesto":

Mark Duffin - The Man With No Shame
El Presidente - 7Daze
Replika - Inner Visions
Christian G. - Deep Reflections
Allovers - Special 4
Fady Ferraye - Amman

If you tune in to Proton Radio frequently (and we recommend doing so), you'll be presented with these exclusive versions of the 2.0 gems.

Proton Radio will also feature Pesto Music with a dedicated label showcase in brief, expect more details regarding that one on pesto.de in brief.

Web radio recommendation: deepgrooveradio.com

There are days when I fire up iTunes while working on some office stuff and the music in my playlists just bores me. Don't get me wrong - it's all fine with my library, I just need some fresh, unheard music every once in a while after I got tired from listening to the Pesto releases for the 100th time (and I do listen that often to our releases, probably more).

Praise to the inventor of the internet - in times of widely available broadband connections, thousands of streaming web radios are in reach within one mouseclick. You will find any and every flavour of both full music programmes as well as spoken word and news shows. When anything else fails, I'm popping into a station with classical music and after some Beethoven, Dvorak or Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, I feel way better.

If you're aiming at electronic music regarding web radios, you will surely know the big fish that are serving our community for years such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Di.fm, SSRadio, danceradio.gr and the streams of renowned stations such as the BBC, Ibiza Sonica, Ibiza Global Radio and so on and so forth.

By being active on a number of social networks, I come across new radio stations that I haven't heard of before frequently. And when I tune in, I'm often pleased with lovely sound and left wondering how come that I missed this particular station. Track after track reveals a great selection and taste in music, new tunes play along classics and the playlist reads like my vinyl box.

Today, I would like to introduce deepgrooveradio.com to you: it's a station I love to listen to when I'm writing blog entries, messing up databases, processing mail - all the jobs I don't really like but that need to be done. The music is far from being "elevator muzak"-ish, yet still, there are no tunes that are too annoying (I don't like each and every tune, of course).
"I don't want to try to suit anybody rather than to present a caleidoscope of our genre that changes every time you shake it." says Deep Groove's Martin Kazmirzak and hits bull's eye with this approach.

I have found their programming to be very grown-up but that's no wonder as Martin Kazmirzak, the guy who founded deepgrooveradio.com in 2008, has to offer more than 20 years of DJ experience. It's also probably due to the programming quality that deepgrooveradio.com was the first german radio station to broadcast Grammy nominee Jay-J's weekly show "Live from...". You surely remember Jay-J from our Pesto 011 release by L.A.'s hawtness queen Sandra Lima.

Their website is in german language but they offer translations for your country. What's also worth a note are the different ways you can receive deepgrooveradio.com: they offer streams for iTunes/WinAmp, WMP, a Flash stream and a dedicated browser toolbar. What stands out is DeepGroove's offer to receive their stream via your mobile - be it on Nokia Internet Radio or by installing an iPhone app - well done, guys!

Oh, and did I already mention that deepgrooveradio.com are huge Pesto fans? Well, now I did. ;)

I am planning to do an interview with Martin very soon. So, as long as you're waiting for that one to be published, enjoy the deep grooves of deepgrooveradio.com and make sure you connect with them on twitter.

New partner: Raunchy Rhythms Radio

We're happy to announce another partnership: Raunchy Rhythms Radio from London, UK. Here's how Andy, the owner and founder, describes the concept behind Raunchy Rhythms:

Raunchy Rhythms Radio created by station Owner Andy B around just over a year ago, a self confessed house music lover & bedroom DJ having never played out to a large audience himself, our aim is to provide an online radio station not only for the big boys in the industry but also the relatively unknown DJs a chance to broadcast their DJ mixing skills across the world wide web for all the house music lover’s out there 24 hours a day.

You can find our website at http://www.raunchyrhythms.com which is constantly being updated on a daily basis with new content, mixes and the latest news with what’s going on within the industry. One of interesting and unique points about our website has to be the ‘’Request’’ page. All our mixsets are available for requesting instantly via this page.
For instance if you would like to listen to and queue ‘’ DJ Jon Silva- PestoMix 006’’ then click the red ‘’request’’ button on the right hand side of the page opposite this mix and this mix will automatically be added to our playlist for broadcasting, it’s as simple as that !

We are always looking for fresh talented house DJ mixes to play on our radio station so please feel free to get in contact with us either via the Pesto Music Community Forum, our website contact page or direct at admin[at]raunchyrhythms.com.

Welcome to Raunchy Rhythms Radio!