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Dresden loses UNESCO world heritage status [update]

Oh, and another one linked to my childhood - this time concerning the city I was born in: Dresden.


So the idiots in Dresden managed to get rid off their UNESCO world heritage status. The process to become one is actually pretty costly and takes years until approval. After unbelievable bombings towards the end of WW2, Dresden has been rebuilt over the years with the reconstruction of the "Frauenkirche" in 2005 being the highlight.

Dresden loses its status because of a bridge that's going to cross the river Elbe (not the one pictured), the related construction sites also destroy a nature reserve. And yes, there had been plans for a tunnel below the river.

May I mention that the cathedral of Cologne, where I reside currently (in Cologne, not in the cathedral, of course) is still on the list? Cologne win, Dresden FAIL.

[update: the only other country to lose its UNESCO heritage status ever is the emirate of Oman. They wanted easier access to their oil reserves and therefore drastically decreased the size of a nature reserve in 2007. Now, Germany is not only in line with Iran and China when it comes to internet censorship but also in the good company of countries that destroy their natural beauty and cultural heritage. Germany EPIC FAIL]

picture copyright: dpa/The Local