Today is a good day to die...

...said civil rights in Germany.

60 years after the second democratic constitution on german soil, the Grundgesetz, was set in effect, a german government is about to pass a bill that will establish internet censorship in Germany. (web politics), a german-speaking page dealing with human and civil rights in times of global networks has an excellent roundup in english language of what's currently going on here. When I asked my grandparents how Nazi Germany could turn real and how it could happen that Hitler gained all powers in order to bring terror, war and mass murder over huge parts of this world, they told me "We did not know all that.".

Well, today, we "know all that" and we see what is happening, we are taking a stance against cutting off our civil rights. The thing is that the government tends to ignore us. Consider my belongings packed - if Germany is turning into a 4th Reich, I won't be around any longer. Since 9/11, governments in so called western countries have continuedly ignored human and civil rights, re-introduced torture and "brought freedom and democracy" to Iraq, Pakistan and the likes by starting wars.

Sorry if this sounds a bit drastic, but it's so ashaming that people here do not seem to learn from the past. And take it for granted that we signed the biggest petition in Germany's history, too.

Il y a aussi une version française.

Further websites are dealing with the issue, too: