Why follow Pesto Music on Twitter?

Usually, when an article is posted on pesto.de, it contains not just links to some pages or the plain YouTube video. When we post something in our "classic xyz tune" section for example, we'll supply you with background info, links to more sources of information (such as discogs.com, for instance) and so on and so forth.

Doing all this research takes time. In general, an article posted on pesto.de requires approx. 30 minutes of research and fine tuning of the words at least.

We use twitter to broadcast infos that are either not worth an update of our web site (because it's too little content or they're just small bits), because they're not related to what we publish here (see trials around piratebay or german civil rights) or because they are of a certain urgency and need to be published *instantly* rather than two hours later (no, we're not referring to Patrick Swayze's pre-death).

Every once in a while, we "recycle" our twitter stream and take out the most newsworthy things to post them in a dedicated news post here on pesto.de. This is just the cream of the crop, the sugar on top, find another rhyme on -op. Yet still, there are a couple of net news to be found on our twitter stream so it totally makes sense to follow us in order to get the latest DJ mixes, videos and articles we've filtered out of the net for you.

Sometimes, we just receive links to DJ mixes. After asking the respective DJ for permission, we post the download link on twitter but not here. Here are two examples: Replika and Mike Starr, both part of our upcoming "2.0" compilation just sent a link to their friends - we make it publically available in order to promote those artists.

So, get on twitter, follow us, tell your friends to do so, too and we'll all be happy. Well - ish...hehehe. Of course, you could also just visit our web site and see what we have posted but we feel better with you as a follower.

Use the board, young Skywalker!