Sebastian Davidson (NL):
This is a stellar release!!! Full support!

Funky Groover (Italy):
I love the track,  especially the "original" mix. 
 I will put it in rotation from the next week on "The House of Groove" (35 radios)
thanks alot and keep doing great stuff !

Brian (Glideslope, US):
Awesome package Jon! great deep stuff! My faves are the Jon Silva and The Mulder’s mixes. Nice work!

D:Fuse (US):
Really dig the following mix. Smooth and groovy!
06. Higher (The Mulder's Deepest RMX Instrumental)

Da Funk (Acryl Music, Plastic City, Forensic):
definitly the mulder's deepest remix instrumentla for me. will play and chart fer sure!
love it!

Michael Fossati (
Thanks a lot for the promo, hope you like the review you can find at

Ric Mc Lelland aka Scope (UK):
thanks for sending jost!
nice ep..
the original is nice listening music.. good groove and sweet vocal..
your instrumental is what i'll be playing in the clubs thou!
nice deep house grooves there bro!

HD aka Marc (
while 5 is the best, which grade do you give: 5
which is your most favourite mix: 04
will you play it: yes
will you chart it: yes
if the answer above was "yes", where will you post your charts: , ,
here\'s some space to leave additional comments and feedback: wat a great protuction!!! Cant stop listen and have 3 mix´s of this awaysome Track in my Playlist for the next Week

Bamo (Guess Records):
Many thanks for the promo as always. Another
strong package of mixes all doing the original the justice it deserves. My
particular favourite on this one though is your own "Mulder's deepest remix".
I played this last night, and was nodding my head so much it nearly fell off!!
A really sexy, seductive and infectious little groove. Top stuff again my

Andreas Hansson (Sweden):
Orginal and Mulders deepest remix is my favorites. The orginal is perfect for
the F12 Terrace this summer and the mulder remix is perfect for my resident
at Esque. Jon Silva remix has a nice old scool feeling. Jay-J is always quality.

DJ Dannyra (Mexico):
full support on my radio show!

Chris Blenda (Energy 107.6, Greece):
I would like to thank you guys for your support and the special releases you send me ... :)

Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note, UK):
Loving the Jay J dub on this…… top stuff.

Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio):
Hey bro, simply amazign,.,, I just play it on my morning show few minutes ago and I have a very good feedback from the people… (jon silva’s is my mix)

Big Al (ReadyMix Records, CAN):
The Deepest Dub is where it's at for me. :) Wicked tune!!!

K-Bana (Guess, UK):
Thanks for the new promo, sorry for the late reply been very busy. Doing a mix this week and i know that its a toss up over the mulder mix and the jay jay dub... Fat!!! Like it and im sure it will do well.. Keep up the good work!!

Frederik Borgesius (Pako & Frederik, Sitrep, NL):
thanks as always guys!
Mulder deep inst. is my fave.
Reminds me of early 90's Murk rec; NICE!

Ariel Cybana (San Francisco, USA):
good housey remixes on this track. vocals are rockin and catchy. 7.5/10

Jay Tripwire:
really feeling the mulders deep dub..

Ollie Brooke (
Awesome set of remixes here, from the sumptuously deep and brooding Mulder mixes to the soulful warmth of Jay-J's mixes and the smooth,sophisticated tech vibe of Jon Silva's mix. Great vibe all round and a pleasure to hear such a range of styles covered.
Jay-J's mix is probably the one I'll be playing but I'll look forward to the 3am slot when I can play Jon's mix!

Subsky (, Urban Torque, Istanbul):

Very smooth&cool release, my favourite remix to play is the mulder instrumental, the other mixes I added them to our archive at . they are perfect for everyday listening..

Vince Lombardi (Durty Records, SF/USA):
Mulders rmx's of this track truly set the bar for futuristic house music. Its got top notch vocals and drums and ALL the elements are in there right place. I have been playing the Mulder rmxs out on my thursday night residency and it has demanded attention on the dancefloor everytime.
Thanks for everything Jost , i TRULY appreciate you letting me be a part of the family

Ateka (Aki-Tek,, NL):
Thats some "Silva Quality" right there;) Good job everyone and thankyou for the great music...

Franco Martinelli (, ITA):
Awesome package, the Original mix is a solid soulful/funky affair, Jay-J provides an uplifting and fresh remix, while Jon Silva delivers a darker, deeper and electronic influenced remix for the main floor. Full support and review coming soon ! 

Tom Morgan (Urban Torque A&R):
Missed this first time around, full support on the Mulder's instrumental.

Steve K (Locked Groove/Fresh FM, Greece):
i would say its ur best release to date Jon..i will surey play most of the mixes out there , but i love all of them..such a pleasure to see Jay-j remixing for ur label good luck mate