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PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

Due to problems with our webspace provider, we had to publish the PestoMix 001 a bit later than promised. Anyways, enjoy the very first issue of our monthly guest DJ mix.

The first PestoMix comes from Babak Shayan, head honcho of Cologne's Shayan-Music. Babak will release Pesto 005 by end of January 2007. That's the reason we feature him here as a DJ.

Some of you might know the Bar1 compilation series that are digging in deeper grounds - this is mainly meant to serve another purpose. This mix is exactly right to get ready to go out, enjoy a sunny day with some nice clubby tunes or just get over the holiday season with some excellent House tunes on your iPod. Discover the driving side of Babak Shayan as a DJ.

Pesto 005 by Babak Shayan - Azadi will be available through all major download stores by end of January 2007.
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We are sorry for being unable to supply you with a tracklist yet. Babak just gave us his mix immediately before he left for two Ukraine gigs. The final tracklist for this mix will be posted in brief as soon as Babak is back from the holiday season. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy holidays from your Pesto Music crew!

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