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First of all, we stripped off the code to make the pages load quicker. You will surely notice that even on slower connections, the page now loads way snappier. As a result, we don't have the tag cloud anymore but only few visitors were using this feature.

We also got rid of the advertisement. Although the number of visitors implies that at least the hosting costs could be covered, the number of clicks on the ads was too low to justify cluttering the page. In the end, we wouldn't click on "Buy the best Trance & Techno records here" either. Winking

The third item is an additional feature called "ShareThis™" which makes it easier for you to share news on with your friends. You can use this to post our content on your social networks such as Myspace and Facebook, you can easily add the news to your bookmark service such as or post it to your blog . "ShareThis™" also allows you to send news items via email or even SMS. So now you can express your excitement about a new release or a great PestoMix by sending your friends a message. Neat, innit?

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Winter Music Conference
While everybody else is warming up for Miami and pushing out WMC samplers, we at Pesto will refrain from doing so. We prefer supplying you with excellent single releases on both Pesto and Traxx. "What's cooking?" you may ask - our answer will be an amazing release by Sandra Lima called "Higher".

Some of you might have heard the tune already but we'll release it in brand new versions and the "Higher" release will come with a huge bunch of remixes by some of the world's most famous artists. Pesto 011 includes remixes by House music's legend Jay-J and the usual suspects Jon Silva aka The Mulder. Pesto 011R will feature an amazing set of remixes by currently one of the hottest producers named Justin Michael, Thomas White of Natural Rhythm and West Coast Collective's very own Torin Rea plus a few more goodies.

Pesto 011 and 011R will be a true cross-Atlantic coop offering the very best in Deep House that's available on the planet right now. And, of course, we'll stick with the tradition of giving you the Pesto FreeBees, our hi quality MP3 downloads that you'll get for free. This time, we'll even offer you two free versions to download alongside the release of Pesto 011 and 011R.

On our sublabel Traxx Recordings, there's more hawtness coming your way: we're proud to announce that highly sought-after producer Da Funk from Switzerland's Acryl Music is having his debut on Traxx. After his "Electronic Love" on PestoLP002 (2.0 - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists) founds its way into the CD sleeves of countless top DJs from all over, Da Funk returns with another smasher. "Roasted" will be one of the tunes to watch out for this spring and it's surely going to be one of this year's Eivissa staples. Traxx 005 will also come with a nice set of remixes - read more about them here in brief.
One year of Pesto Community
Last Monday, the 11th of February 2008, we had a reason to celebrate: our Pesto Community, the forum board for Pesto fans turned one year.

Although 83 registered members may not seem such a huge number, it's the hard core of Pesto addicts that posted nearly 500 articles within that year. The majority of those posts were DJ mixes of excellent quality. Taking a look at the server statistics though, the number of non-registered users embracing the possibilty to download hi quality Deep House mixes is an estimated 300 times higher. Our contributors come from all over the globe and have the same vibe in common.

Due to the cross-promotion of the community on, myspace and other social networking sites, the Pesto Community has established itself as a reliable source for House heads seeking for first class DJ mixes, a place to communicate with people thinking alike and a forum to exchange thoughts and compliments.

What's next there? You might have heard of the PestoMix guest slot competition that's running until 20th February 2008. In the future, the community will be the place to discover more talent and we'll make sure that more DJ talent gets heard. We'll also launch a section in brief that is going to deal with the technical side of things: production tutorials, mix tricks, software recommendations - whatever comes to your mind. We'll have more exclusives and previews on upcoming stuff for registered members. Please keep in mind that registering for the community is free, fast and I can assure you that your email adresses are as safe with us as on any other form you can complete on the Pesto pages. We hate spam as much as you!

On behalf of Pesto Music and all its affiliated artists, let me take the chance to thank you for contributing and for making the Pesto Community such a nice place! So many of you have supported our artists in their mixes and your support is priceless and greatly appreciated!

Many happy returns to the Pesto Community!

Jon Silva/Jost Gerischer, Pesto Music
Randy Seidman heavily features Jon Silva on Shake Down podcast!
Check out this beautiful DJ mix by California Pestolero Randy Seidman. Roughly one third of his track list consists of Jon's productions or remixes.

1. Jon Silva - I Want U (Deeper & Deeper Mix) [Pesto]
2. Cristian Paduraru - Sharing Transparently (Jon Silva Deep House Mix) [Christian Records]
3. Soda Inc. - Night Fever (Jon Silva’s Babe-A-Pella) [Plastic City]
4. Manuel Tur - Acorado [Freerange]
5. D Fow - Impulse Response [Revolucion Records]
6. Lukas Greenberg - Le Soir (Original) [Plastic City Play}
7. Da Funk - Devotion (Jon Silva’s Spiked Heel Dub) [Acryl Music]
8. Da Funk - Devotion (Jon Silva’s White Island Mix) [Acryl Music]
9. Logiztik Sound - Crazy People [Plastik Park]
10. Jeff Bennett - Instant Need [Kung Fu Dub]
11. Rob Mooney - Toothpick [Bass For Breakfast]
12. Dousk - Hammer [Vapour]
13. Gareth Emery - More Than Anything [Curve Recordings]
14. Unkown
15. Retroid - Daybreak [FeralCode Records]
16. Presslaboys - Taste My Body [Presslab Records]
17. Mercurio - X-Cream [Flow Records]

We're not only proud that the Shake Down podcast is one of the larger ones with a subscriber base of 30,000+. But also the fact that Randy names Jon as one of his favourite producers makes us pretty happy! Thank you so much for your massive support, Randy!

check out the Shake Down podcast
visit Randy's myspace
visit Randy's homepage
R.I.P. Ron Murphy
Ron Murphy, co-founder and head of National Sound Corporation (NSC) is dead.

He's said to have cut all major Detroit records from the early 1990ies and thus having had a great impact on the sound and production of renowned artists such as Mike Banks, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin among many others.

In an interview with german De:Bug mag (german language), he's giving insights on how "Uncle Ron" (as the artists mentioned used to call him) tought his "students" about the secrets of a proper mixdown and mastering.
Since being a creative head, he was seeking for new ways in vinyl cutting so he was offering cutting the platter from the inside, where the label sticker is, to the outside of the record. Both Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin rejected when finally Kevin Saunderson agreed to cut the vinyl this way for a release on Network.

A similar thing happened when Jeff Mills came over to have something special for his "Rings around Saturn" cutting session. As Jeff's tunes were 134BPM, it was possible to cut a seemless loop ( a tempo of 133,3BPM is required to that on a 33rpm record). This was the first time the world saw a seemless revolution on a vinyl record.

Ron Murphy, who said about himself he'd never danced in his whole life, has to be appreciated as one of Detroit's most influential guys. He's one of those guys behind the scenes, yet incredibly important for shaping a whole era of electronic music of which the effects remain until today when you're downloading the latest stuff.

Rest in peace, Ron Murphy!
Pesto Music installs "Officer" label software
As said before in Jon Silva's NYE letter, we have just installed the "Officer" label software as the backbone of our business.

"Officer" is the highly acclaimed piece of software so many other labels use for their daily business such as Cocoon, Force Inc., Infracom, Kanzleramt, Lado, Neuton, Paul van Dyk, Peppermint Jam, Phazz-A-Delic, Pulver Records, Toca Records, Vienna Scientists just to name a few from Officer's impressive clients list.

This customized database on a Filemaker basis allows us to manage all revenue streams, distribute money to our artists, administrate third party licenses (such as CD compilations of other labels) and above all, it's the backup of both Pesto Music's and traxx Recordings' music catalogue (and future sublabels *hint*). It allows us to spend less time with numbers, passing on the income straight to our artists and kicking the arses of those who are late with their payments. It's also a great tool for statistics and future marketing strategies - to put it short: it does everything we need (and what we've been doing already) while saving us a huge amount of time so we can focus on the creative work!

We're proud "Officers" from now on!Happy
Saying bye to 2007, saying hi to 2008!
Dear Pestoleras and Pestoleros - dear friends,

As I was thinking about the things that should be said in this article, I went on a personal review trying to recall what the last year was about so I was going through the posts of 2007.

I also found the bulletin that was published for last NYE and I read about the aims and remembered the hopes, fears and my mindset in general from back then.

Let's see what turned reality, what hasn't yet and what the plans are for 2008.

Quoting from last year's post:

"This year is coming to an end and for us, it was one full of changes - one of them being this web site you're just looking at. 2007 will be an exciting year for Pesto and all the people involved with it as a lot of stuff is to be released."

2007 was indeed another year full of changes (I guess change is one of the few constants in my life) and yes, it was exciting, indeed. The redesigned Pesto page was quite a success and, as many people stated, an appreciated source for information, entertainment and new music. The number of unique visitors tripled compared to the highest number of unique visitors of the former page and remains growing on a constantly high level. The number of our RSS and email newsletter subscriptions are constantly increasing, so is the number of downloads of our PestoMix, PestoCast and Pesto FreeBees stuff.

I would have loved to see more releases in 2007 - there were only four of them on Pesto - but that year also saw the birth of the Traxx sublabel and I was busy doing remixes like never before. So I don't complain, especially since both the Traxx releases and the remixes went down pretty well. On top of that, we also released our first digital longplayer "Vic Music presents: Beautiful & Timeless Vol. 1" - a compilation that had been released as a CD before and that attracted a lot of music lovers already. Furthermore, I was also experimenting with the new digital format as Pesto was limited to a total of four tracks per release back in the vinyl days. The new medium offers new possibilities but also new occasions to screw up.

As a side effect, I had gigs in numerous countries, some of which I visited for the first time such as Morocco, Sweden or (the former yugoslavian republic of) Macedonia. I met a lot of lovely people, made new friends all over and discovered that everywhere I went, people already knew about us or instantly got hooked on the Pesto vibe. Very encouraging.

Another source of inspiration has been the vivid Pesto community: so many people contributed excellent DJ mixes in order to share them with the rest of you. Many of my office hours were sweetened by the flavour of DeepHouse from our fellow Pestoleros and I just highly recommend signing up for the Pesto forum as there are a couple of goodies exclusively available to registered members only.

2007 also meant a growth of the Pesto family regarding artists: we already saw a couple of remixers such as Nikola Gala, Da Funk, El Farouki, Khaan or Kellyyss just to name a few. But we will also see (and first of all hear) the next generation of Pesto artists on our "2.0" compilation which is about to be out by 8th of January. Some of that work has been cooking on the stove for ages in order to mature and get better and better (Sandra Lima and Robin Rush - you hear me?), other stuff is brand new yet equally kicking - Tina Valen, Cloudsteppers, Phonic Funk, Quell, Rucyl, Pete Gust and Replika are names you already might be familiar with if you're following our PestoMixes or they might sound totally fresh to you. Either way, those will be names to watch out for in 2008 if you're serious about House music and these ladies and gentlemen contribute massive tunes to the Pesto catalogue.

Consequently, 2008 will see more frequent releases - both singles and compilations. I finally installed an infrastructure that allows me to focus on the creative side of things rather than spending my time doing administrative work. This will give me more space to discover new talents, develop new products and increase the release rate in general while keeping the quality level you'd expect from Pesto Music.

Last but not least, the passed year held a lot of support for Pesto from industry professionals: club and radio DJs were heavily playing our stuff, it got supported on CD compilations, web sites were writing reviews, tunes got featured in DJ mixes and podcasts by renowned artists, the download shops also seemed to appreciate our efforts.

And finally you, our fans and biggest supporters, the music lovers, the ones that don't buy the Beatport Top10 in order to play the same shit as everybody else, the people that make all this Pesto thing possible - you supported our artists, Pesto and Traxx as labels, you supported our vibe! I would personally like to thank you for believing in us, in our goals and in our philosophy - the recognition and support coming from your side is priceless and I - speaking for all Pesto and Traxx artists here - can't express how much your support is appreciated. We love you! Happy

For the new year, my wishes for all of us are love, happiness, peace of mind, health, success and as much wealth a decent life requires. Let's all go further, make our wildest dreams come true and be happy humans vibing on the same wavelength.

Take good care of yourself, stay well and stay with us because you'll enjoy being part of the Pesto family in 2008 and beyond!

Sincerely yours...Jon Silva/Jost Gerischer
Pesto Music drops DRM
Starting with the digital compilation "Vic Music presents: Beautiful & Timeless Vol. 1", we're proud to announce that Pesto Music with all its subsidaries will offer its catalogue free from any DRM restrictions on all platforms that offer a choice regarding DRM, first of all the iTunes Music Store with its iTunes Plus option.

We consider DRM or "Digital Rights Management" first of all a euphemism as it's not managing anything rather than restricting the user (that's you, our buyers and fans) in the way she or he is entitled to use the downloaded music.

Opposed to organizations like the IFPI and similar, we do not consider our clients criminals. File sharing is a reality as much as copying 12" albums on compact cassettes was a reality back in the 1980ies. We're not encouraging you to share your purchased Pesto and Traxx files on filesharing systems (except our FreeBees), but if somebody does, we can't help about it. We rather focus on new music instead of filing lawsuits.

We just think that by putting out great music, supporting our fans with free downloads and other goodies, we will attract the buyers that appreciate our work, people that understand that supporting new and upcoming talents costs some time, money and much more idealism.

Last but not least, we won't increase the prices for the DRM-free titles. Happy

Feel free to share your thoughts about DRM in general in our comments' section.
We're hiring! Pesto is looking for instrumentalists
For our current and future productions we are looking for bass players, guitarists and percussionists to coop with. It doesn't really matter where you're based, but you should be able to record your takes on your side in a decent quality and have a broadband connection to the internet in order to upload hi-res files such as WAV or AIFF.

Further requirements are:

- you should be a nice personWinking
- you're familiar with the use of email and instant messengers
- your instrument is of decent quality, so is the rest of your equipment. Hum is only acceptable in very small doses
- you feel at home in anything Funk/Soul/Disco (you don't need to wear bellbottoms, okay?)
- you can play just by listening (although we might provide sheets, if requested)
- you're fast in recording your stuff
- you're reliable deadline-wise
- other details have to be negotiated

We're not asking you to do the job for free, money and payment issues will be discussed on a private basis though. We're especially looking for people that are willing and wanting to establish a constant relationship. We cannot offer you recording equipment or hire a studio for you - you need to be able to record the stuff at your place without any extra costs (i.e. studio rent).

We need your help for recordings of our own artists, for the production of sample packs, as well as for remix jobs and even solo releases with your performances are not off the stove.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch via our contact form, supplying your full name, email addy and, if possible a link to a demo of yours. If you have further questions, do not hestitate to ask them.

Looking forward to hear from youHappy
Pesto TV - visit our channel on
A message to our friends from Greece
Since I have been playing so many gigs in Greece this and the last years, I wanted to tell you that I followed the news.

The tragedy that was shown on the media is surely just scratching the surface, considering the many casualties the burning forests in Greece had caused. Seeing families lose their homes, the foundations of their existence and above all losing their beloved ones makes me feel really sad. Fires have been harming people and the environment in so many countries I have been visiting this summer, among them Croatia, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and many more and two things remain in my mind:

who are those that start the fires in order to "create" new ground to build e.g. hotels and what is their mindset? And why do we have apparently incapable governments that are supposed to end this? I feel ashamed when I read that Germany sent four (yes, that's 4!) helicopters to Greece to help fighting the fires.

Let me tell you that I'm with you on my mind - regardless in which country suffering from this you reside!

Yours, Jon Silva

PS: I'm aware of the fact that is a web site covering music - some things though should not remain unsaid.

I like to move it, move it!
No news for such a long time - there must be a special matter!?

True indeed, there is: just lately, the Pesto Music headquarters have moved. We're still located in Cologne but moved closer to the city now. More details will follow soon, including our new postal address.

To all those who worried: yes, we're all fine and the show will go on!

Expect a bunch of news bulletins by end of next week when the dust has settled over here.

Greetings from your Pesto crew!
There IS something going on!
Remember when we said there was something going on back in February this year? Here's one of the reasons you have been reading so little on this page recently.

Finally, Traxx, a sublabel of Pesto has been launched just today. Traxx is a label dedicated to DJ tools, more techy stuff and progressive club choons.

The motto of Traxx is "Traxxx, not songs". The first release will be "Traxx" by "Traxx" (what a statement, eh?) and the promos are available to a selected circle of DJs from today. We already got some hot feedback in, so expect a lot to happen on Traxx.

Visit the Traxx home page and the myspace profile.
repost: Where are you from?
We'd love to know where you come from and our server stats already tell us something about that fact.

Why don't you add yourself to our Frappr map - maybe you find out that there are Pestoleros living just around the corner?

Meet us on
As you might have noticed already, we are fans of social web sites and communities such as, or our very own Pesto Community.

One of the first social networks we joined though was We liked the idea of sharing your musical taste and get recommendations for music to discover. This process may vary in its success, but nevertheless it already led us to music that would have been a shame to have missed.

You can download your free copy of Audioscrobbler, the plugin that will transmit the music you listen to based on its MP3 tags. Needless to say that you can support Pesto by listening to our music (which you do anyways - but why not tell the world?).

Here's a brief roundup of what they say about themselves: is the flagship product from the team that designed the Audioscrobbler music engine. More than ten million times a day, users "scrobble" their tracks to our servers, helping to collectively build the world's largest social music taps the wisdom of the crowds, leveraging each user's musical profile to make personalised recommendations, connect users who share similar tastes, provide custom radio streams, and much more.Founded by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Richard Jones, we are a London-based company with a music-obsessed team of developers and creative professionals from around the world.It's never been this easy to share your taste and discover new music. Welcome to the social music revolution.

We may offer free downloads to users exclusively (as we did in the past) so it's not too bad of an idea to sign up. Here's a link to their charts with free MP3 downloads of any genre.

Check out our page
This is's home page
Audioscrobbler and player downloads
(we use the plugin for iTunes, by the way)
Save our internet radio - follow up
Refering to our news bulletin from yesterday, Peter Krin of has interviewed Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora. Pandora is an internet radio station that adopts to your personal taste and musical preferences and by analyzing what you like or dislike suggests new music to you that might be of interest, as well.

The interview gives quite some insight on the actual debate RIAA vs. the audience. The article also offers links to more background information on that issue.

Interview with Tim Westergren on createdigitalmusic
US citizens: Save our internet radio!

"On March 1, 2007 the US Copyright Office stunned the Internet radio industry by releasing a ruling on performance royalty fees that are based exclusively on the number of people tuned into an Internet radio station, rather than on a portion of the station’s revenue. They discarded all evidence presented by webcasters about the potentially crippling effect on the industry of such a rate structure, and rubber-stamped the rates requested by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Under this royalty structure, an Internet radio station with an average listenership of 1000 people would owe $134,000 in royalties during 2007 - plus $98,000 in back payments for 2006. In 2008 they would owe $171,000, and $220,000 in 2009.

There is no way for a station with 1000 listeners to make that kind of money. That’s over $11 per listener per month in 2007. No Internet radio station currently operating comes even close to that kind of income. Also keep in mind that 1000 listeners is not a large number. Popular stations like Radio Paradise, SOMA, Digitally Imported, radioio, etc have many times that many listeners."

What does that mean? We think, the RIAA is actively seeking to kick indie radios off the market (or have them move to Cayman Islands). The only stations that will afford the rates requested are the major players, the stations that pollute you with Top40 crap and "the greatest hits of the 80ies and 90ies" already. Do we need that? Definitely not!

If you live in the USA, act up and make your voice heard: write to your congress representative. There are more options, so make sure you visit Save our Internet Radio and follow the links there. Other links related to this topic:
Ricardo Torres at Miami's WMC 2007
In a news bulletin earlier, we announced Ricardo Torres playing at a venue called "Bash".

Well, this is not the case, so here is the actual information - this time including line up and eFlyer though. The Shifted Music party will take place in "Dek23", a location that will see its official opening after the WMC actually.

If you like sexy DeepHouse (and we assume so since you're a visitor of this page), you should make sure not to miss that one if you're attending WMC.

Main Room
Jay-J (Shifted Music)
Jamie Lewis (Purple Music, Indeependent)
Ron Carroll (Body Music)
Mark Grant (Blackstone)
Albert Cabrera (Albert Cabrera Productions)
Scott Wozniak (Large, Defected)
Random Soul (Shifted Music, Salted Music, Australia)

Under the Stars
Sarah Main (Pacha, Ibiza)
Neil Aline (Chez Music)
Rob Paine (Worship, Shakedown, Solomonic Sound, Phillly)
Luis Baro (XM-The Move)
Mason Rothert (Thump Radio, XM-The Move)
Ricardo Torres (West Coast Collective)

DEK23 - 655 Washington Ave.
Miami, FL 33139

20$/10$ with conference badge

Click here to see the eFlyer
Ricardo Torres supports Pesto
Talking of the buzz that Pete Gust's remix of Rucyl's "Love In War" caused (read the post below), we already found a supporter from the West Coast - our good friend and California Pestolero Ricardo Torres!

He's got a new mix online that starts with "Love In War". You can find his latest DJ mix named "Looking West" (so are we...hehehe) in the mixes section on Ricardo's web site.

Ricardo was also invited to play alongside his personal hero and very good friend Jay-J on the Shifted label party at Miami's Winter Music Conference this year. People attending WMC this year should make sure to check out his set and the ones of the other House icons on Saturday, the 24th of March at Miami's Bash. Besides Jay-J and Ricardo Torres, the line up also offers Chicago's Marc Grant, Heather, Random Soul from Australia and some other surprises.

Also make sure to check out the latest West Coast Collective mix on Shameless Sessions (SSRadio UK) featuring Kevin Christopher and Ricardo Torres. The show also includes an exclusive interview with Pestolera Sandra Lima who will have "Higher" released on Pesto soon.

Jon Silva DJ set on Kiss FM Ukraine
Thanks to our mate DJ Electric, 50% of the Luckystars duo, Jon Silva is having a guest mix appearance on the Deepology show on Ukraine's Kiss FM.

The show will be broadcasted tomorrow, the 9th of March 2007.

As they have just launched the Deepology Digital label, it's well worth it to visit the Deepology page for more details.

Jon Silva DJ set on
Thanks to my friend Chris Niteshake of Locked Groove from Greece, I will have a guest DJ mix on his show "Locked Groove Sessions" on tonight! Chris, being our Greece Pestolero #1, also delivered the amazing remix for Babak Shayan's "Azadi" on Pesto 005. You will hear more of his production skills as well as a PestoMix from him in brief.

As the name implies, is a dance focused radio station based in Greece, offering DJ mixes and the finest in electronic music 24/7. You can tune in to their stream via their web site here.

Since mid June 2006, the weekly webradio-show of the Locked Groove DJs team hits your radio with the most up to date dance music. The Locked Groove DJs are: Chris Niteshake, mr. Stelio K, Jan LaRoque, Jimlem & Giorgio El. Every Thursday from 20:00 to 22:00 (greek time) broadcasts sets by the residents of the team as well as exclusive guest mixes by recognized international DJs.

The Jon Silva set will be broadcasted tonight between 09:00pm and 11:00pm CET (08:00pm to 10:00pm greek time).

Click here to see the eFlyer!


Soda Inc. mix show on Frisky Radio
Thanks to Emanuel Phaz who invited Soda Inc. to a guest mix on his Transport show!

The show will be broadcasted tonight at midnight GMT (01:00am CET), so make sure you have coffee on stock and enjoy the blast. You can still sleep tomorrow.
Pesto Community
We have installed a forum board for our users to interact.

We have sections for Acryl Music, Shayan-Music and Soda Inc., as well. Post links to your MP3s demos or snippets, talk about software, podcasts, DJ mixes, radio shows, etc. Other labels are welcome to post their news releases!

Please see here:
Newsletter back online
Those among you that visited our former website will surely remember our newsletter sign-up box.

The functionality is back, but we tweaked it a little. Please see our PestoNews subscription manager. Today, we also sent out the first issue of our newsletter, so check your inbox in case you're subscribed. We will take the chance and ask for some feedback here:

Our new merchandise shop is online
It's been awaited long but finally, you are able to buy wearables for Pestoleras, Pestoleros and Pestolinis (what the heck does THAT mean?) in our merchandise shop.

Choose from several styles for females, males and kids. Besides a large range of different tops, we also have caps, lanyards and even string tangas (oh yes, preferably for females) with a Pesto logo. They all come at very reasonable prices - for our international customers, the shop is completely in english language.

Have a look at the Pesto merchandising here! (opens in new window)
Website relaunch
It has been done finally - the new Pesto website is up and running. There might still be a few bugs or typos here and there and missing content, but this will be fixed in brief. Thanks to all the people that visited the beta pages and helped me a lot with their critique and suggestions - you know who you are!

Please feel free to leave a comment or send your feedback via the contact form.

Much love...Jon Silva, Pesto Music
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