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Burgas, Bulgaria: Bedroom Beach Vol. 1 release party with Jon Silva

To celebrate the release of "Bedroom Beach Vol. 1", Jon Silva will be playing a gig in the Bedroom Beach venue in Burgas, Bulgaria.

Jon plays tomorrow, the 15th of August in the evening. You might still want to check out the venue at daytime as it's located nicely at Sunny Beach.

Back from Bulgaria

It's done - after 8,000 kilometres, 25 gigs in 5 weeks, lots of new friends and fans, countless Gin Tonics and OCB papers, I have returned to the "normal" life.

Bulgaria was quite an experience for me and it was good to have Jovan of Relaxators Dance Company as my host, guide and - above all - as a friend. Never before, I have played so many parties in a row. 8,000km do not seem such a huge number, but let me tell you that leaving the highways in Bulgaria can take you on really unusual roads. We encountered road holes more than 1 metre in diameter and 30 centimetres deep. As Bulgaria has quite some mountains, going 50km on winding roads may take 1.5hrs or more. At this time of the year, everything is green and blooming. Passing places with different elevation, we experienced different stages of spring. From wild beauty in the Rhodopes, over huge plains to the Black Sea coast - Bulgaria is quite a pittoresque country with countless shades and, last but not least, lovely people. As they told me, I have been to more places than probably most of the bulgarian residents have.

The parties were very different: from lousy gigs on a Monday (hey, people will have to work - sure), over huge and classy venues inside a rotten city to one party that was very special. It's been quite a while ago that I met such a raving audience like in Shumen's Mamagaya. By far, the party in Shumen was not only the highlight of this tour but it also made its way into my personal top 10 of the greatest gigs ever! To say it with Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'll be back!"

Special thanks goes to Jovan who booked and organized this whole SeeMe tour - we've spent these five weeks together without stepping on each other's nerves, rather than enjoying the "rock'n'roll" life! It was simply amazing! If you are looking for somebody who knows the Balkans (and the right people), especially in Bulgaria, who has a very professional approach and who is a cool guy to hang out with at the same time, you should get in touch with him. Needless to say that this tour led to a new and intensified cooperation between Pesto and RDC - more details here in brief.

So finally, let me take the chance to thank all you people for being your guest and for giving me the time of my life. Blagodarja Bulgaria! Happy

PS: try to listen to other music than Progressive and look up the term "warm-up" in a dictionary...hehehe
PPS: I have around two hours of footage that needs to be edited. I hope I can show you the "documentary", which is in memory of Uncle Mitko, very soon here.

SeeMe festival Sofia, Bulgaria: Jon Silva warm up tour

Starting on Wednesday, April 16th 2008, Jon Silva will be touring Bulgaria.

In association with Relaxators, home of the Opera:tion compilations and base of Bulgaria's underground (including Pestolero DJ Lion among many others), Jon will be touring Bulgaria to promote the South-East European Music Event (short: SeeMe). SeeMe is going to happen for the third time between 5th and 7th June 2008 and has been attracting highly renowned artists and a lot of party people.

We will keep you up to date with a dedicated tour blog - hopefully every day (given there's internet access). If you are sending a message to Pesto Music or Jon, please allow a few days to reply until May 21st.

Here's the tour schedule:


16 April
17 April
18 April
19 April
20 April
Tequila Bar
21 April
Blue Magic
22 April
23 April
25 April
Amon Ra
24 April
26 April
27 April
28 April

29 April
30 April
Veliko Turnovo
01 May
02 May
03 May
Stara Zagora
04 May
05 May
06 May
07 May

08 May
Club City
09 May
10 May
11 May

12 May
Underground vol.2
13 May
Club 696
14 May
15 May
Nish - Serbia

16 May
FYR of Macedonia tbc

17 May
FYR of Macedonia tbc

Jon Silva plays Estonia for the first time

Announcing Jon Silva's first gig in Estonia, we're happy to tell you that you will have the chance to catch him playing two times.

On Friday, the 11th of April, Jon will be playing the "Ranna" venue in Sillamäe. Support comes from JP and Kris Mil of Macadam Music - the guys behind the fantastic remix for From P60's "New Way" on Pesto 010R. Saturday will see more Pesto madness in Estonia's lovely capital Talinn. Together with DJ Widenski (Macadam) and DJ Affect from Switzerland, Jon is going to rock "Hollywood". Click here to see the eFlyer.

Along with the gigs, we're happy to announce an exclusive coop with Macadam Music: they will be representing Jon Silva in Estonia from now on.

Jon Silva @ Chervilo, Sofia

After a long time, it was finally time for Jon Silva's second gig in Bulgaria: on Saturday 9th, Jon will be playing in Sofia's Chervilo venue.

Other DJs that night are:
Jassen Petrov (in the Onyx Room)
Vesselin (in the Baby Box)

Since it's also Jassen's birthday, be sure to expect a night of total mayhem - House music all night long!

Jon Silva @ Switch, Stockholm

In cooperation with, we're proud to announce the second issue of the "Switch" party series in Stockholm, Sweden. Glad to see all the guys again, especially Esteban whom I expect to drop a track for one of the upcoming compilations.

Quoting from Tribalism's web site:

After the huge success with the first Switch party we are happy to announce the second edition november 30th. No less then the brilliant Jon Silva is headlining the funky house floor. 2 dancefloors, 3 bars of which one is an outdoor tent with heathing system where you can chill to dub and loungemusic.

Jon Silva ( Soda inc, Pesto, Plastic City Cologne, de)
Morg ( Flexible, Gbg)
kenuna (Switch, Music For Girls, Sthlm)
Esteban Nunez (switch)
Niklas Paus ( IDJ Winner 2006)
Amos (Outdoor professor)

Vi är oerhört stolta att kunna presentera världens i vårt tycke främsta producent av real house Jon Silva. Att Jon Silva dessutom är en alldeles fantastisk dj gör inte saken sämre. Ni som inte kopplar namnet har garanterat dansat er svettiga till tex "Night Fever" på våra events. "You just keep me hanging on.." kanske klingar bekant.

Han techiga djupa rhytmiska house är housemusik när den är som bäst: Är den inte sexig och nasty så är hans musik vacker och emotionell.

Man vet inte vad house är förrän man fått uppleva euforin i att stå på ett dansgolv och vara totalt uppslukad av kärlek till musiken som deejayn levererar. Det är stunder som dessa som är äkta. Det är stunder som dessa Jon Silva kommer in i bilden. Jon Silva är kärlek. Jon Silva är på riktigt.

Jon Silva driver den högkvalitativa etiketten Pesto rec, är monumentala skivbolagets Plastic Citys hus-dj och bildar tillsammans med Babak Shayan Soda inc.

Lyssna på hans "Addictedenteringfuck" eller "I Want You" på myspace så för att förstå hans mångfald.. Kolla upp den och fler låtar på hans Myspace:

2 dansgolv plus ett utomhustält med bar och infravärme för alla outdoorjunkies.

Jon Silva @ Kiev, Ukraine

In cooperation with Fly Music, we're proud to present Jon Silva @ Status, Kiev/Ukraine.

It's Jon's second gig in Ukraine already and as it's Dima Fly's B-Day party, you can surely expect some classy mayhem.

For more details and RVSP, please refer to Fly Music's web site (only in russian).

Jon Silva on tour: FYR of Macedonia

In cooperation with Fresh Union Booking & Management, we proudly present Jon Silva touring the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. There you go:

Jon Silva @ Olympic Pool, Bitola/Macedonia

Jon Silva vo Bitola 24 08 2007 Olimpiski Bazen

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Jon Silva @ WAVE Festival

Jon Silva will be playing a gig in Montenegro on the 3rd of August 2007.

The WAVE Festival takes place on the ancient castle of Bar, Montenegro close to the seaside. Other performers that night are Johny (Tunisia) and Stole Popovic (Serbia). The 2nd August, there's Kanda, Kodja & Nebojsha, Parental Advizory, Avatar and DJ Dweerdoe (Montenegro or Crna Gora). On the 4th, you'll hear Exaile (Israel) and Woa (Serbia).

The city of Bar is located on the pittoresque seaside of Montenegro and well worth a visit. Some trivial pursuit: Montenegro is the country in Europe with the largest percentage of national parks within Europe. Wild beautyHappy

Click to see the eFlyer.

Soda Inc. at Dokk, Budapest/Hungary

Oops...we just noticed that we published only a draft (thanks for letting us know!) of this news bulletin - so here's the complete one.

Soda Inc. played an amazing gig in the not less amazing city of Budapest, Hungary.

Two years ago, they already played on an "I love deep" event that took place on top of Budapest in a venue called Citadella Garden. This time, the open air party with the subtitle "Night Fever" raked off on an island located within the Danube river. The venue called "Dokk" is fairly new and truly worth a visit: dancing under the stars on a hot Budapest night, lots of beautiful people and, yes, Deep House music all night long.

There's only one thing left to say: köszi Budapest! Thanks to all you lovely guys who made this possible - you know who you areHappy


(the video was shot by Babak Shayan)

Soda Inc. in Stockholm

In cooperation with, Soda Inc. will be brought to Stockholm to play a DJ gig in Stockholm's Riddarkälleren tonight.

Alongside Soda Inc., we will also have Pestolero Esteban Nuñez, Anti, Ken1, Krister Linder (Live & DJ), Hiawata, Marcus Stork, Johan Afterglow (Live & DJ) and Electromaker (Live).

For more details, please see the eFlyer.

Jon Silva in Maroc

Tomorrow, on Friday the 13th (oh yes!), Jon Silva will be playing his very first gig on the african continent.

Thanks to our artist and friend El Farouki, Jon has been booked to the venue "Actor's" in beautiful Marrakech, Maroc. If you're around, grab this rare (until now at least) chance to meet Jon Silva performing behind the decks.

This Jon Silva gig is presented in cooperation with Casa Booking, Casblanca.

Soda Inc. gig @ Omilos, Thessaloniki

As much as we heard that Soda Inc. loves to play gigs, this is one to look out for in particular. The greek audience seems to dig the Soda Inc. stuff, resulting in heavy airplay on nearly any FM that plays dance music, on TV shows and in the bars and clubs of whole Greece, of course.

So recently, one could say that Greece fell in love with "Night Fever", the smashing Soda Inc. hit that's a reinterpretation of the old Motown classic "You Keep Me Hanging On", also known from a cover version by Kim Wilde from back in the 1980ies.

As we just heard, this love is mutual and Soda Inc. aka Babak Shayan and Jon Silva are looking forward to meet old & new friends at Omilos, Thessaloniki on Sunday, the 25th March.

Thanks to our mate Elias Tzikas who brought Soda Inc. over, we will see the "northern Greece/Germany reunion" with Elias himself, of course, Steve Mill (who just did an amazing dub mix of "Night Fever") and Nikos Ploumis providing local DJ support and the crews from Low Profile Booking and the La Palma club in Kozani. Too bad that our Pestolero Chris Niteshake won't make it to Thessaloniki - we'll miss you & have a drink on your behalf.

If you are looking for a decent party on Sunday, don't miss it! If you're allergic to or feel offended by one of the following words, stay away: alcohol, malaka, mounaki, Soda Inc. Please also note the sponsor of that party. Winking

Related links:
Elias Tzikas on myspace
Steve Mill on myspace
Soda Inc. on myspace

click here to see the eFlyer front view
click here to see the eFlyer back view

Soda Inc. DJ gig at La Rocca, Düsseldorf

Tomorrow, on Saturday the 17th of March, we will see (and hear, of course) a Soda Inc. DJ set in Düsseldorf (that's the town next to Cologne...hehehe) at the La Rocca venue.

As some of you might already know, Soda Inc. is formed by Pestoleros Babak Shayan and Jon Silva and they created quite some buzz with their albums "Full Moon" (2005) and "Inner Vision" (2006) on Plastic City. Their album from last year also contains "Night Fever", the hommage to the old Motown classic "You keep me hanging on" with which Kim Wilde scored a major hit back in the 1980ies. "Night Fever" has seen quite some radio airplay in Greece, Turkey, the whole Balkany, France, Spain and the UK.

If you're living nearby, you should make sure to party with Soda Inc. - their gigs are rare as the guys are busy working on new projects (we will give you detailed information on that one in brief).

Click here for the eFlyer
La Rocca web pages
Soda Inc. on myspace
Soda Inc. on iTunes

Exclusive: pre-release party of Pesto 008

We are proud to announce an exclusive pre-release party in Cologne's Vic Bar. As the upcoming Pesto single will be "Luv" by Simone de Nauw, we got her over from Barcelone for a live vocal performance in one of Cologne's finest Cocktail bars.

This evening also holds a Jon Silva DJ set, an exclusive presentation of the single including Simone performing "Luv" live. We will also have Simone performing some other tunes, including her upcoming Pesto single that is about to be released in autumn 2007 and some improvised live sessions. On top of that, we have some Pesto give-aways for those attenting.

Click the picture to see the e-flyer of this event:


For those who cannot attend, we will kick off a new service from Pesto called PestoFreebies. More details later this week.

links to this event:
announcement on
Simone de Nauw's micropage
Simone de Nauw's myspace profile
Simone de Nauw on

New Year's Eve: Jon Silva @ Prestige, Nish (Serbia)

Jon Silva NYE flyer
Jon Silva will be playing out in Nish, Serbia again for this New Year's Eve.

The Kondukter collective invited him to play in "Prestige" in Nish both on New Year's Eve as well as on 1st January 2007. Support comes from Miss Eclettro from Milan, Italy - local support by the Kondukter DJs Dimiz, Ukor, Alek and Dushan. Be sure not to miss this event!

Serbian speaking people, please check out the Kondukter forum for more chitchat and info about the event.
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