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Happy New Year from Pesto Music

This year is coming to an end and for us, it was one full of changes - one of them being this web site you're just looking at. 2007 will be an exciting year for Pesto and all the people involved with it as a lot of stuff is to be released.

Let me take the opportunity to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart to all the Pesto artists, the fans and supporters (you that is)! I received an immense feedback from you and so many people told me that they see a bright future for Pesto rising at the horizon.

Thanks also to the doubters and haters - you made us work even harder and helped us improving!Winking

I am wishing you health, wealth, success - all the best - for you and your loved ones for 2007. May all your dreams come true, may we all reach the aims that we intend to reach. I am looking forward to the next year - together with you!

Much luv from Jon Silva/Jost Gerischer at Pesto Music!

PS: Nish people, make sure to show up at Prestige tonight - it's a rare chance to meet Miss Eclettro (Milan/Italy), the Kondukter crew and Jon Silva in one place. See you later.

Rate PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

Thank you all for your amazing feedback on PestoMix 001! We received a lot of positive mails and had many encouraging chats of people who enjoyed the first PestoMix a lot.

Now it's your turn to take a stance: we have set up a poll so you can rate Babak's mix.

Track list for PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

We successfully managed to bother Babak during his holidays and got the tracklist for his PestoMix 001 right back. Here it is for your records:

01. Pantha Du Prince - Butterfly Girl [Dial]
02. Basil - Wanted [Shayan]
03. Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. Hilaire - Free For All (Soundstream Remix) [Burial Mix]
04. Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Neo Mix) [Get Physical]
05. Soda Inc. - Night Fever [Plastic City]
07. Gui Boratto - It's Majik (TLB Dub Mix) [Plastic City]
08. Jermone Isma-Ae & MCY - Oriental [Jee Productions]
09. Dave Spoon - Big Love [Big Love]
10. Tommyboy & Mannel - Naturelize [Stereo Cool]
11. Samuel L. Session - Velvet [ELP]
12. Jerome Isma-Ae - Stars In Your Head [Jee Producions]

By the way, we just added a new feature to our sidebar: in case you do not have an RSS-enabled browser (many visitors still use Internet Explorer 6, for example) or do not have any newsreader, we offer an email based subscription service for you.

Just insert your email addy in the field in our sidebar and you will be signed up for an email delivery of our newsfeed. No spam!

Babak Shayan nude! Check the footage!!!

Hah! Got you!

So you were looking for Babak Shayan nude? We're sorry to disappoint you! But...we have some footage on Babak Shayan. Check it out here:

Babak Shayan - Azadi (Pesto005)

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Happy holidays from Pesto Music! Winking

PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

Due to problems with our webspace provider, we had to publish the PestoMix 001 a bit later than promised. Anyways, enjoy the very first issue of our monthly guest DJ mix.

The first PestoMix comes from Babak Shayan, head honcho of Cologne's Shayan-Music. Babak will release Pesto 005 by end of January 2007. That's the reason we feature him here as a DJ.

Some of you might know the Bar1 compilation series that are digging in deeper grounds - this is mainly meant to serve another purpose. This mix is exactly right to get ready to go out, enjoy a sunny day with some nice clubby tunes or just get over the holiday season with some excellent House tunes on your iPod. Discover the driving side of Babak Shayan as a DJ.

Pesto 005 by Babak Shayan - Azadi will be available through all major download stores by end of January 2007.
For more details, check back here or and/or subscribe to our RSS feed!

We are sorry for being unable to supply you with a tracklist yet. Babak just gave us his mix immediately before he left for two Ukraine gigs. The final tracklist for this mix will be posted in brief as soon as Babak is back from the holiday season. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy holidays from your Pesto Music crew!

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PestoCast approved by iTunes

Our first PestoCast, the podcast from Pesto Music, has been approved by the iTMS and we are pleased to supply you with a link to our PestoCast page within iTunes. By adding our feed into the podcasts section in your iTunes application, you can have the latest episode downloaded automatically.

Check it out here: PestoCast on iTunes

Subscribing to our RSS feed and/or the PestoCast is a good idea anyways as we will have a little gift for you in brief (hey, it's X-mas, right?). The first issue of our monthly guest DJ mix will be available on Saturday afternoon CET - early enough to be served with an excellent DJ mix for your holidays. More details on Saturday then...

The first PestoCast - it's here!!!

The very first issue of the PestoCast, a Podcast covering House music in general and Pesto releases in specific is online! You can subscribe to our PestoCast via iTunes here or click on the link below to listen to it in your browser window.
We strongly suggest the subscription though, as you will have additional info and automatic downloading enabled as soon as there is a new episode.

This PestoCast features the upcoming release of Pesto 005 "Babak Shayan - Azadi" - please also check preview snippets of Pesto 005 in the about section. This release will hit all major download stores by late January 2007.

Let us know what you think about the release and take part in our poll!

Which version of Pesto 005 do you like best?
01 - The Original
02 - The Jussi Pekka Remix
03 - Da Funk's Acryl Dub
04 - Jon Silva's Club Mix
05 - Chris Niteshake Remix free polls

Click the link to hear the Podcast in your browser window or choose right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac) and then "save as" or similar to download the file.

New Year's Eve: Jon Silva @ Prestige, Nish (Serbia)

Jon Silva NYE flyer
Jon Silva will be playing out in Nish, Serbia again for this New Year's Eve.

The Kondukter collective invited him to play in "Prestige" in Nish both on New Year's Eve as well as on 1st January 2007. Support comes from Miss Eclettro from Milan, Italy - local support by the Kondukter DJs Dimiz, Ukor, Alek and Dushan. Be sure not to miss this event!

Serbian speaking people, please check out the Kondukter forum for more chitchat and info about the event.

Jon Silva Charts December 06

Here are Jon Silva's charts for December 2006. Chart positions are not in any particular order.

01. Babak Shayan - Azadi (Da Funk's Acryl Dub) [Pesto 005 Digital Promo]
02. The Messenger - Holdin' on [CDR]
03. Copyright feat. Imani - I pray [Defected]
04. Da Funk - Confusion [Acryl 16 promo]
05. Replika - Deepershades [CDR]
06. Chris Niteshake - Music sounds better with you [white]
07. Cooccer - Melody from Heaven [According to Quality pt. 2, Shayan-Music]
08. Groove Garcia - Crazy Girl [CDR]
09. Jamie Anderson - Time is Now [NRK]
10. Dennis Ferrer - Transitions [King Street]

Beginning of the month also means a kind reminder to vote for Jon Silva on!Winking

Our new merchandise shop is online

It's been awaited long but finally, you are able to buy wearables for Pestoleras, Pestoleros and Pestolinis (what the heck does THAT mean?) in our merchandise shop.

Choose from several styles for females, males and kids. Besides a large range of different tops, we also have caps, lanyards and even string tangas (oh yes, preferably for females) with a Pesto logo. They all come at very reasonable prices - for our international customers, the shop is completely in english language.

Have a look at the Pesto merchandising here! (opens in new window)

Website relaunch

It has been done finally - the new Pesto website is up and running. There might still be a few bugs or typos here and there and missing content, but this will be fixed in brief. Thanks to all the people that visited the beta pages and helped me a lot with their critique and suggestions - you know who you are!

Please feel free to leave a comment or send your feedback via the contact form.

Much love...Jon Silva, Pesto Music
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