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Jon Silva on tour: FYR of Macedonia

In cooperation with Fresh Union Booking & Management, we proudly present Jon Silva touring the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. There you go:

Jon Silva Charts October 2007

Here are Jon Silva's charts for October 2007:

01. Orlando Vaughan - Better Than Never (all mixes) [Duffnote]
02. Martin Haberland - Funky Situation (Natasza&Oscarsix Remix) [Pe!Music]*
03. Jonny Young - Non Violence (Spiritchaser Remix) [Guess]
04. Khaan - Mythos EP [Traxx 003]
05. Moussa Clarke - Regret (SL Curtiz Remix) [Dumb]
06. The Mulder - I Take You Out To Space (Cooccer's Fully Dubbed Mix) [Plastic City.Play]
07. Soda Inc. - Horizon [CDR]
08. J-Soul - Free [Moonbeam]
09. From P60 - New Way (Nikola Gala's Cum Remix) [Pesto]
10. Jon Silva - Sundaze [Shayan Digital]

* Pe! 007 contains six versions of which I like four incl. the, I love them! The other two mixes are not bad either, they just don't make me move as much while typing this here.. Make sure you also check out the "JR From Dallas Remix" - it's a deepness bomb! Wow - first time it happens that picking "my" version is so difficult. Laugh

Beginning of the month also means a kind reminder to vote for Jon Silva on!Winking

For our greek friends: interview with Soda Inc. on

Here's an interview that Angel Frank did with Soda Inc. (Jon Silva & Babak Shayan) in Kavala, Greece this summer. Please find the english version below or on Angel's myspace page, the link to the original greek version on is at the bottom of this post.

1) How did you meet and when did you start to produce and dj together as Soda inc.?

Jon: Together we started in 2001 I think. We had been working for the same label, in the same office. We started to work on some remixes, our first track was produced in a few hours and after that we stuck together.

2) Tell me a few things about your 2nd album (Inner Vision). Imagine that I am someone who don't know Soda inc. What am I going to hear?

Jon: After Full Moon (their 1st album) we decided that we should put a new level. Full moon was more instrumental with less vocals, but we love vocals. You know, we listen to pop music and everything that is good so the 2nd album should be less house, less dance, more Soda inc., which is like a mix of different genres. We didn't had something like a plan. We were just sitting together, drinking wine and making tracks and at the same time we were deciding whether the tracks should be part of the album, or not. Babak met some guys from Jamaica and we recorded some stuff, so we put all this stuff together and made our 2nd album.

3) What do you believe about the illegal downloading? Do you think that is going to destroy electronic dance music?

Babak: I think that it is about music in general. It depends on which country we are talking about, because last year I was in Kiev and the people there, download music because they can't do otherwise. I don't think that is going to destroy electronic music especially because in Europe and u.s.a. the people there, buy more digital stuff. So I don't have a problem with it.

Jon: May I add something? Back in the days, when I was in school, everybody was copying Michael Jackson's albums, they putted them in tape, these days in the hard disks, but the people who are really fans of the music will still buy it, because they want to have the real thing, they want to support the artist. So, filesharing has been existing for ages. For me, it's better when someone downloads my tracks. I prefer it from not having them at all.

4) What about myspace? Have you been helped by it, either as djs, or as producers?

Jon: Actually, and I am speaking for both of us, we have met so many talents via myspace, you know people who make music from every corner of the world. I believe that myspace is a very good opportunity for new producers to meet people and spread their music. I also believe that turning a label into a digital label like Pesto music, is a normal consequence, because you meet people who write music from Ukraine, Kiev, and you say 'oh my god there is a talent' and you sign them. And you do that not just because they produce music, but also because you wouldn't had the chance to meet them otherwise. So it's a really good thing actually.

5) What's your best gig so far? Where do you enjoy your sets most?

Babak: I think it's Greece, because we love Greece, we love playing here, the crowd loves our music, which we really appreciate it, because in Germany, the people there are not that much into the music, they are more into the drugs, into techno and they don't give a shit about music. They just go to the club and wait till the drugs start to work. In countries like Greece and also in former east European countries like Serbia the people are into the music and you can feel that. They appreciate what we are doing.

6) What about minimal? What's your opinion about this trend? Does it influence you or just, you know, you don't even bother?

Babak: I'll just say, MINIMAL KILLS MUSIC (laughs)

Do you share the same opinion Jon?

Jon: In general, yes. Every kind of music has bad records and good records, so the most minimal tracks, at least for us, are boring. But there are some good tracks that we use to play and they definitely influence us. The next Soda inc. album won't be a minimal album, but it will include some minimal elements. But even these elements, will have a Soda inc. touch. In general, we are not into the minimal scene.

7) Do you wish to play in some place, where you have never played before?

Babak: There are a lot of places where we want to play, I think that especially u.s.a. is a very big market for our music and I wish we could have a kind of us tour or whatever next year maybe. I also think that in Europe, we would like to play in lots of countries, except Germany! Also in UK we'd love to play. Everywhere, where people loves music.

8) What technology do you use in order to play music? Do you love the good old vinyl, do you mix with cds, or you are into the late technology like serato, ableton live and other stuff?

Babak: I like vinyl very much. I play with vinyl and cd and don't want to use laptop when djing. Performing live is a whole different thing and the laptop there is most useful. But as far as it concerns djing, I love to play mainly with vinyl.

Jon: You know, in this marriage between Babak and me, I am more into the earlier technology. I use to play with programs like final scratch and that's because I like to have control over the things, I hate carrying stuff, vinyl is very expensive and with all this digital stuff, for me is really convenient. I love to play vinyl, it's a cool medium, but it is inconvenient, at least for me. I also carry cds with me, because 90% of my sets are my own music or something new or something that someone sent me. For example, three days ago, somebody sent me some good stuff and I said 'oh that's cool' and I just burned it on a cd and played it, which is cool and that's not going to happen with vinyl.

9) What are your plans for the future? Do you have something special in mind?

Babak: Actually we are recording the 3rd Soda inc. album right now and I don't know…just making music. Babak Shayan album is coming out, Soda inc. album and a lot of music. Jon runs 2 labels, I ran Shayan music so we have a lot of releases in mind.

10) And as a last question, I would like to know your hobbies.

Jon: Sex (laughs), good food, Greek Food (especially souvlaki!), and of course beautiful women

And you Babak?

Babak: Exactly the same!

Ok guys, thank you very much for the interview and I hope we will meet again and drink some wine!

Jon & Babak: We thank you!

I must let you know, that Jon & Babak are probably the most friendly and happy people I have ever met. We have been talking nearly for one hour but they have given me the feeling that I knew them for years. I hope to see you soon guys. Love from Greece. Aufwiedersehen.

click here to read the interview in greek

Note from Jon: we had the same pleasure talking to you! Hope to see you again soon!Happy
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