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Pesto FreeBee No. 3: From P60 - New Way

As announced on our Youtube channel, Myspace, Facebook and Last.FM, here's our next FreeBee:

Taken from our upcoming release Pesto010 by Hungary's From P60, here's the Radio Version of "New Way" in full 320kBits shine.

This FreeBee is released under no special license model, it's free as in freedom. There are a few rules to follow though:
- you can freely distribute (i.e. share on P2P networks, transfer to your friends, etc.) the file as long as its original contents (the song itself, the meta data and cover artwork) remain unaltered
- in case you are converting the file to another format (such as WAV, OGG, AAC to name a few), make sure you keep the original ID3 tags and the cover artwork
- the file(s) remain covered by copyright laws, the copyright holder is Pesto Music
- you can use portions of the file to incorporate them in new creations (i.e. mashups, remixes) for non-commercial use, any commercial use requires a license from Pesto Music. If you create a mashup or remix of the tune, please send us a link to your creation by using the contact form

And now: Enjoy "From P60 - New Way"!Happy
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click the image or here for a direct link to Pesto Freebee no.1
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