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Free 320kBit MP3 from!

First of all, we are really sorry to tell you that the release of Pesto 008 Simone de Nauw - Luv has been postponed for approximately two weeks.

Our way to say we're sorry is this: we offer you a free track download (i.e. at no costs). Yes, you read right - zero, nada, nichts, niente, ничего! You get a mastered, fully featured MP3 in full shining 320kBits glory - a file that could also go onto the release but we decided to give it to you as a present.

Good news #2 - you guessed it maybe: starting with today, we launch a new series called "Pesto Freebees". That means that there will be a bunch of free tracks that you can share without a bad conscience, even put them up on your webpage or myspace profile or wherever you wish - as long as you mention its origin (us that is). You can copy the embedded cover from the MP3 file. Within one year, loyal visitors of our page will find a nice compilation on their harddisk and/or MP3 players and maybe someone will put them in a mix also. Winking

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click the image or here for a direct link to Pesto Freebee no.1
latest news.