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We're hiring! Pesto is looking for instrumentalists

For our current and future productions we are looking for bass players, guitarists and percussionists to coop with. It doesn't really matter where you're based, but you should be able to record your takes on your side in a decent quality and have a broadband connection to the internet in order to upload hi-res files such as WAV or AIFF.

Further requirements are:

- you should be a nice personWinking
- you're familiar with the use of email and instant messengers
- your instrument is of decent quality, so is the rest of your equipment. Hum is only acceptable in very small doses
- you feel at home in anything Funk/Soul/Disco (you don't need to wear bellbottoms, okay?)
- you can play just by listening (although we might provide sheets, if requested)
- you're fast in recording your stuff
- you're reliable deadline-wise
- other details have to be negotiated

We're not asking you to do the job for free, money and payment issues will be discussed on a private basis though. We're especially looking for people that are willing and wanting to establish a constant relationship. We cannot offer you recording equipment or hire a studio for you - you need to be able to record the stuff at your place without any extra costs (i.e. studio rent).

We need your help for recordings of our own artists, for the production of sample packs, as well as for remix jobs and even solo releases with your performances are not off the stove.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch via our contact form, supplying your full name, email addy and, if possible a link to a demo of yours. If you have further questions, do not hestitate to ask them.

Looking forward to hear from youHappy

I Take You Out To Space - and to #1 on beatport!

The Mulder aka Jon Silva was constantly climbing the beatport charts (read below) and today, finally reached the top position of beatport's DeepHouse charts. We're sorry to say we kicked Jimpster off the #1 position (he's one of our most adored producers) but hey, we also like that news. Happy

Meanwhile, Plastic City also released a new single by The Mulder, containing brand new versions and mixes of "I Take You Out To Space" by Cooccer, Jon Silva (umm...yes, you CAN remix yourself, especially if suffering from split personality) and two totally new and previously unreleased tracks. "I Take You Out To Space" was produced back in 2003 and originally released in 2005 - another proof that timeless music never grows old (and that's the philosophy we here at Pesto follow).

Further, Jon Silva's "I Want U" [Pesto 009] is still in the Top100 on
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And as a last hint: beatport is finally accepting Paypal payments! As we know that many of you don't have a credit card, that's good news, indeed!

Pesto 010: From P60 feat. Virág - New Way

Here's a small vodcast featuring the radio version of From P60's "New Way". The video contains further information about the artists, remixers, bookings, unreleased tracks and more free downloads.

It's also available via our youtube channel here:

Pesto 010 "New Way/Be What I Wanna Be" by From P60 will be out by late October - more promo fire on this page in brief.
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Play020-8: The Mulder - I Take You Out To Space

We just told you about the Mulder's release on Plastic City. Here's the link to the official page accompanying the release. Please find the info text below (quoted from Plastic City's web page):

The track "I Take You Out To Space" was originally released in 2005 - perfect at the time the sound of the nineties was up-to-date again. For Jon Silva, a Plastic City artist from the beginnings, this was a welcome occasion to reactivate his old alias “The Mulder”. This project was founded during the mystery boom in the mid-nineties, started by the the successful TV series “X-Files” among others. Its beginning found this project in the mid-nineties – at that time together with Len Faki- by the idea to set up with samples from X-Files chapters some tracks which are reflecting the panache of this time. The results of this project were the very successful single-releases "The Police" and "The Crab Candidate". This release includes brand new remixes of "I Take you Out To Space" as well as two new tracks.

click here to visit Plastic City and listen to the tracks

Pesto TV - visit our channel on

Jon Silva/The Mulder climbing the charts

On the 2nd of September, we told you that Jon Silva's "I Want U" was entering the sales charts of Well, the good news continue:

Pesto 009 is still in the Top100 of with a peak position of #64 last week! Thank you all for your support!
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Jon wasn't lazy meanwhile and made a 2007 version of his smasher "I Take You Out To Space" that was released via Plastic City under his "The Mulder" moniker back in 2003. The tune is part of "Plastic City.Shape", a compilation mixed by "Evil" Eddie Richards, a UK Tech House icon.

The 2007 version of "I Take You Out To Space" by The Mulder has been gaining positions on quickly - it's on #9 of the DeepHouse charts, once more (...*cough*, sounds familiar Winking ...) turning it into the best selling Plastic City release at the moment. (Talking of the "Babe-A-Pella" of Soda Inc.'s "Night Fever" - we just learned that Hernan Cattaneo also loves to play it).

There's also an upcoming release by "The Mulder" on Plastic City in brief containing more remixes of "I Take You Out To Space" (by rising talent "The Cooccer" who will have an album release on Traxx very soon) and two brand new choons! More details will follow when the release is available as an exclusive via and next week.

How do you get new music?

After reading an interesting article on Ars Technica and being aware of Pesto Music having performed the switch over to 100% pure online distribution, we'd like to know some details from you.

What is your way to get new music? Do you visit profiles on social networking sites such as or Do you buy it online? Please see our poll:

If the way you obtain new music is not described in the poll, please use the comments' section to tell us further details. And also, please share the social network sites you're using in case you get your music from there.

Pesto FreeBee No. 2: Jon Silva - I Want U

Ooops - we totally forgot to give you the latest FreeBee! Here you are:

Alongside the release of Jon Silva - I Want U (Pesto 009), we have selected the very original from 2003 as our FreeBee. Like the last time, when we gave Simone de Nauw's "Luv" to you, we offer the FreeBee in full 320kBits quality to you.

This FreeBee is released under no special license model, it's free as in freedom. There are a few rules to follow though:
- you can freely distribute (i.e. share on P2P networks, transfer to your friends, etc.) the file as long as its original contents (the song itself, the meta data and cover artwork) remain unaltered
- in case you are converting the file to another format (such as WAV, OGG, AAC to name a few), make sure you keep the original ID3 tags and the cover artwork
- the file(s) remain covered by copyright laws, the copyright holder is Pesto Music
- you can use portions of the file to incorporate them in new creations (i.e. mashups, remixes) for non-commercial use, any commercial use requires a license from Pesto Music. If you create a mashup or remix of the tune, please send us a link to your creation by using the contact form

And now: I Want U to download the file!Happy
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Pesto 009: Jon Silva in the charts

We're proud to announce that Jon Silva's latest release "I Want U" is climbing the sales charts - this time at

Entering stompy's sales charts last Friday at rank 89, we see Pesto 009 on position 76 already. Will you help us go further?

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A message to our friends from Greece

Since I have been playing so many gigs in Greece this and the last years, I wanted to tell you that I followed the news.

The tragedy that was shown on the media is surely just scratching the surface, considering the many casualties the burning forests in Greece had caused. Seeing families lose their homes, the foundations of their existence and above all losing their beloved ones makes me feel really sad. Fires have been harming people and the environment in so many countries I have been visiting this summer, among them Croatia, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and many more and two things remain in my mind:

who are those that start the fires in order to "create" new ground to build e.g. hotels and what is their mindset? And why do we have apparently incapable governments that are supposed to end this? I feel ashamed when I read that Germany sent four (yes, that's 4!) helicopters to Greece to help fighting the fires.

Let me tell you that I'm with you on my mind - regardless in which country suffering from this you reside!

Yours, Jon Silva

PS: I'm aware of the fact that is a web site covering music - some things though should not remain unsaid.

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