More compilation mania: "2.0" - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists

By introducing the second longplayer on Pesto, "2.0 - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists" you will get a deep insight on the release schedule of next year. We have compiled the finest in Deep House from both rising talents and established artists. You might already know one or another of the 13 tunes from one of the PestoMixes or the Jon Silva Mixtape series, others are brand new and unheard before.

This compilation also marks the beginning of a new period: while 2007 was the stage of the Pesto.Digital project - transforming Pesto from a vinyl label to a digital imprint - with excellent but relatively few releases, 2008 will be the "mother of release fireworks". We have an incredible bunch of talent with outstanding tunes in the pipeline and there are even more to come. We will have more single releases, more remix issues and also more compilations - featuring both exclusive Pesto material and tracks from other labels we partner with.

Back to where we were, here's the track list of "2.0" - just to make you hot for what's coming your way soon. :D

01. Tina Valen - Discotime
02. Rucyl - Love In War (Pete Gust KID Remix)
03. Cloudsteppers - Make Me Shine
04. Quell - Baby Gaps
05. Replika - Loveletter
06. Phonic Funk - On Top
07. Da Funk - Electronic Love
08. Sandra Lima - Higher (The Mulder's Up-A-Dub)
09. Aegean - Jon Silva
10. Robin Rush - Into You (With Pryde Remix)
11. Cooccer - Jam Hot
12. Khaan - Pegasos (The Mulder's XX-File Remixx)
13. Nuance Movement - Violet (Soda Inc. Remix)

We can hear some "yeeaaaah - finally!" from your side of the screen.

More details magically popping up on this page very soon.