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Recycled from our twitter stream

Did you miss our twitter roundup, also known as "recycled tweets" from Pesto Music? Well, we've been quite active on twitter and here are some selected tweets from the last 30 days:

- just found this ad for a laser turntable on sale prices starting at US$10,800
- if you ever wondered who shot the cover pic of "Enjoy This Trip" - say hello to Mitch Zimmer
- home taping is killing music, home fucking is killing prostitution: [vid]
- Mr Jones of The Disclosure Project fame has just released a new mix containing my remix 4 Ulusoy & Uysal's Turkish Mood
- free plugin (AU, VST, RTAS) from Elysia: niveau filter
- absolutely awesome Korg Monotron demo vid at

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Housetrap podcast: Episode 21 by Kyka & Chris Mil

You probably know these two Estonians from our Pesto 010R release (then going by the name of JP & Kris Mil) and they have a superb podcast covering deep and techy House.


Episode 21 features these fine tunes:

01. DJ Honesty, Sygaire - The Time Is Now (Honesty Perspective) / Room With A View
02. Deetron – Orange (Original Mix) / Music Man Records
03. Tony Lionni - Treat Me Right (Jimpster Edit) / Freerange
04. Hypnos - Ordinary Man (R-Tem Remix) / Deepology Digital
05. Ola - She Sings (Original Mix) / Save Room Recordings
06. Tom Middleton – Hypnotizer (Kyka Edit)
07. Oxia - Sun Step (Original Mix) / 8 Bit
08. Spin Science - Fog Patterns (Original Mix) / Cabrio
09. Ethyl, Huxley - Mother Tongue (Original Mix) / Tsuba
10. Bastards Of Funk - Rhythm (Liluca Remix) / Proton Music
11. Sebastian Davidson – Gaze (Soul Minority Deep Mix) / Dark Energy Records
12. Yofunk – Endless (Original Mix) / Loco Records
13. Chelonis R. Jones - The Cockpit (Ekkohaus Remix) / Systematic Recordings
14. Chopstick - A New Dub Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner (Noir Edit) / Noir Music
15. 6th Borough Project - Miss World (Soultourist Remix) / Delusions Of Grandeur
16. Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix) / Objectivity
17. Lump - Lord Only Knows (Original Mix) / Brut!
18. Kyka – Roots (Original Mix)
19. The Invisible Planets - Lost In Vibes (Original Mix) / Fresh Fish
20. Shlomi Aber, Itamar Sagi – Blonda (Funk D’Void Remix) / Toolroom
21. Jon Silva - The Love In Me (Original Mix) / Conya Records

You can subscribe to their RSS feed, an additional iTunes link is also being offered on their page. Enjoy!

Documentary: Synth Britannia [update: vid unfortunately removed]

As posted recently via twitter, BBC4 has a great documentary on the evolution of british synth pop. If you're based in the UK, you can watch the episodes on BBC4's page - IPs from other countries are blocked for legal reasons.

Having watched the whole thing in parts on Youtube, I was happy to read at Kraftfuttermischwerk that somebody uploaded a full version to vimeo. The 90 minutes video is very thorough in detail and has some nice interview bits with the guys from Depeche Mode and Mute Records' boss, the guys from Human League, New Order and OMD to name but a few. There is also some original footage from "back in the days" of Gary Numan's appearance on Top of the Pops, early DM gigs and other guys with fearless hair styles and make-ups. On a side note, it's interesting to see how Kraftwerk influenced so many of those later to be famous artists, especially considering the state of synth pop or synth music in general in Germany in those years *cough*

Must see for anybody into electronic music and its sources! Have a great weekend!

Weekend vibe: double feature

Since we missed to post some weekend vibes last week, here's your weekly dose of DP from - have a nice weekend!

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- Chris Tomsett aka K-Bana delivers the deep goodness download his current mix!
- FingerBeat iPhone App | flylyf that looks pretty awesome!
- Disclosure Project Recordings' Podcast: Label Showcase 1 (22-Jun-2009) ~ All-kinds-of music blog :)
- Moby Shows (Again) That Free Music Doesn't Cannibalize Paid Music | Techdirt
- North Korean Beer Ad: Long, Weird, Full of Lies | The Big Money
- hypebot: The 10 Commandments Of Music 2.0 all 10 items: check (though there's room for improvement, of course)

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Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- RT @aalaap @anaggh: If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough.#tips ROFL!!!
- DJ Sets World Record For Longest Set » Synthtopia
- "Never argue with an idiot. He will lower you to his level and beat you with experience." too true, anybody knows the source?
- Russian Woman rapes 10 men. : worldnews in soviet Russia & stuff rofl
- The Green Dam Phenomenon - Germany in line with China and Iran re web censorship, that makes me proud now:(((
- Lisbon's light-touch drugs policy
- morning tweeple! Facebook vanity name set: - that's way better to remember;)

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Weekend vibe: Mel & Kim - Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)

Have a nice weekend!

Oldest musical instrument of mankind found in Germany

Coming across an interesting read on Munich-based (in german language) this morning, I thought I'd share the news with you.

Archeologists around Prof. Nicholas Conard at the University of Tübingen have found what is supposedly the oldest man-made musical instrument on earth. Examinations reveal that the flute made of vulture's wing bone has its origins in a period of early civilization in Europe, named the Aurignacian. This period dates back 40,000 to 35,000 years BC.

The flute, along with more fragments of other flutes made from mammoth ivory and a Venus statue, was found in the Hohle Fels ("hollow rock") cave on the Swabian Alb, just around 100 kilometres from Stuttgart in southwestern Germany, where I spent most of my youth.

While offers just one picture of said instrument, BBC news also have a sound example of the reconstructed flute. Apparently, the flute plays tones that are within the Pentatonic scale - a scale that's being found in traditional japanese and chinese music for instance, often referred to as "natural scale", too.

"Music could have contributed to the maintenance of larger social networks, and thereby perhaps have helped facilitate the demographic and territorial expansion of modern humans relative to a culturally more conservative and demographically more isolated Neanderthal populations," the scientists say.

But we all knew about the social powers of music already, didn't we?

Weekend vibe: Ian Pooley - What's Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber)

Have a nice weekend!

Selected links #006

Colour and reality [via reddit]
Google asks "What is a browser?"
French Indie colelcting society sues YouTube (another lawsuit, we may add)
2.0 - A Jar Of Fresh Pesto (yeah, we had to...hehe)
the bomb that changed House music
turntable gets a makeover

Weekend vibe: Jamiroquai - Half The Man

Have a nice weekend!

Web radio recommendation:

There are days when I fire up iTunes while working on some office stuff and the music in my playlists just bores me. Don't get me wrong - it's all fine with my library, I just need some fresh, unheard music every once in a while after I got tired from listening to the Pesto releases for the 100th time (and I do listen that often to our releases, probably more).

Praise to the inventor of the internet - in times of widely available broadband connections, thousands of streaming web radios are in reach within one mouseclick. You will find any and every flavour of both full music programmes as well as spoken word and news shows. When anything else fails, I'm popping into a station with classical music and after some Beethoven, Dvorak or Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, I feel way better.

If you're aiming at electronic music regarding web radios, you will surely know the big fish that are serving our community for years such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio,, SSRadio, and the streams of renowned stations such as the BBC, Ibiza Sonica, Ibiza Global Radio and so on and so forth.

By being active on a number of social networks, I come across new radio stations that I haven't heard of before frequently. And when I tune in, I'm often pleased with lovely sound and left wondering how come that I missed this particular station. Track after track reveals a great selection and taste in music, new tunes play along classics and the playlist reads like my vinyl box.

Today, I would like to introduce to you: it's a station I love to listen to when I'm writing blog entries, messing up databases, processing mail - all the jobs I don't really like but that need to be done. The music is far from being "elevator muzak"-ish, yet still, there are no tunes that are too annoying (I don't like each and every tune, of course).
"I don't want to try to suit anybody rather than to present a caleidoscope of our genre that changes every time you shake it." says Deep Groove's Martin Kazmirzak and hits bull's eye with this approach.

I have found their programming to be very grown-up but that's no wonder as Martin Kazmirzak, the guy who founded in 2008, has to offer more than 20 years of DJ experience. It's also probably due to the programming quality that was the first german radio station to broadcast Grammy nominee Jay-J's weekly show "Live from...". You surely remember Jay-J from our Pesto 011 release by L.A.'s hawtness queen Sandra Lima.

Their website is in german language but they offer translations for your country. What's also worth a note are the different ways you can receive they offer streams for iTunes/WinAmp, WMP, a Flash stream and a dedicated browser toolbar. What stands out is DeepGroove's offer to receive their stream via your mobile - be it on Nokia Internet Radio or by installing an iPhone app - well done, guys!

Oh, and did I already mention that are huge Pesto fans? Well, now I did. ;)

I am planning to do an interview with Martin very soon. So, as long as you're waiting for that one to be published, enjoy the deep grooves of and make sure you connect with them on twitter.

Classic House tune: Lil' Louis - French Kiss

Hmm...another one from back in 1989 - seems we're somewhat stuck in the late 1980ies/early 1990ies. So what.

Here is House music's icon Lil' Louis, straight outta Chicago with French Kiss. A blueprint for many of today's House tracks still (aside from the moaning, the chords are just too wicked):

And believe it or not - the first time we got to hear this one, it was on Germany's public radio!

All Pesto vids on YouTube at once

If you were looking for all our videos in one compact player - here you are:

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- The most analogue, organic oscillator in the world: the electric fish oscillator | SynthGear
- Petrol cans as record boxes | Nerdcore
- Apple Gets Pwned, SF Store Is Now Advertising DVD Jon’s doubleTwist
- HOME - really great documentary about our planet Earth, watch full vid on YT
- Virgin Denies Interest In Playboy | it's actually just that headline that strikes me :D
- Dutch Music Collection Society Loses Artist Royalties In The Stock Market | Techdirt

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Tornado hits Cologne

Nah, we haven't been affected by this tornado (but it would serve as a good excuse for lacking posts) last Sunday. But as tornados had been quite rare in this area until now, we thought it was worth a mention.

The tornado lasted only for 10 seconds but caused quite some damage on its way through northern Cologne. Fortunately, nobody has been hurt here.

Weekend vibe: Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night

Have a nice weekend!

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- Netherlands runs out of criminals, has to shut prisons - Boing Boing
- Pirate Party Backed by Sweden’s Most Prolific Writer | TorrentFreak
- I love to make people happy!:)
- RA: How to CDJ properly
- Sony Pictures CEO: The Internet Is Still Bad | Techdirt Lynton, you REALLY do not get it. #sony #fail #interwebz
- BBC NEWS | Europe | Germany bans cola after drug test now THIS keeps you awake for sure
- Fear And Loathing: The Board Game - Boing Boing think the Samoan lawyer is missing;)
- deepGroove Radio
- RT @ButtaBaby @sistertoldja #3wordsaftersex with R. Kelly "You not 12??????" ROTFL

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Epic DubHouse DJ set, compiled off net labels' output - awesomeness alert!

I am aware of the fact that the net label scene is quite vivid. I have heard great tunes from netlabels, great mixes with those tunes and I appreciate the effort these people put into their work.
To be honest, I have also found a majority of really shit music (in the meaning of "not good enough to sign to a label") and crappy mixes (this requires no further explanation, I think).

Today though, I have found a DubHouse DJ set, compiled of tunes released by netlabels that simply blew me away. Excellent selection, excellent mix, excellent tracks - had to copy the set on my iPod to stay there for my travels.
It's this kind of vibe you're demanding on a Sunday morning after clubbing and while smoking special cigarettes, while drivin or just in order to entertain you. Or, as Mixotic, the page you can find this mix on puts it:

"Foton sends the perfect soundtrack for a warum summer night to you. Look up to the stars and let the deepest dub sounds rain on you, really relaxing, laid back stuff!"

Check out Foton's "Quelque Mix", download it, copy the track list and be happy. Nothing more than this except to say "thank you!" for this epic DJ set.

Classic Soul tune: Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life

One of these kind of one hit wonders was Joyce Sims with her "Come Into My Life" tune. Nevertheless, the tune has all it takes (in our opinion): a fat bassline, congas, meaty claps and vocals that deserve the term "hooky"! Check out this one from back in 1987 (click the HQ button for more pleasure):

Weekend vibe: The Cardigans - Carnival

Have a nice weekend!

Recycled from our twitter stream - the german edition, ausgewählte Tweets von

Here are some selected tweets from us - this time covering topics in german language. Hier sind ein paar ausgewählte tweets von uns, dieses Mal in deutscher Sprache:

- Was war links? Sehr interessante Doku über die Zusammenhänge der 68er, RAF et al.
- @jensscholz hat einen guten Artikel über Politikerverdrossenheit, äh, Politikerverachtung:
- NDR Fernsehen - Sendungen - Zapp- Politiker-Pläne: Heftige Proteste gegen Sperrungen im Internet
- RT @mogisverein Die Umfrage im #mogisblog wird häufig falsch zitiert .. Bitte Fragestellung lesen #weitersagen
- Florian ‘fh’ Holzhauer Hintergründe zur Downtime
- flashmob: Grundgesetzlesen kommt am Samstag um 14:00 auf die Domplatte in Kölle, andere Städte siehe Link, RT this!
- wer kein Grundgesetz hat, hier gibt's ein PDF:

Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns morgen um 14:00 auf der Domplatte in Köln, um ein paar Leuten die Leviten das Grundgesetz zu lesen.

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Youtube playlist: Classics from

Did you know that all tunes presented within our "classic xyz tune" section are available in one dedicated playlist on Youtube?

All videos are made accessible in chronological order of their appearance on You can even embed a dedicated player:

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- Synthesizer Tattoos: Synth Geekery at it's Best | SynthGear
- Mike Starr, who's also part of our upcoming "2.0" compilation just uploaded a new DJ mix: SoundCloud
- Daniel Denvir: I, Pot Smoker | Huffington Post |
- Person In Charge Of Determining If Pirate Bay Judge Is Biased... May Be Biased | Techdirt
- YouTube - the world's first DJ battle

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Classic Dance tunes: Usura - Open Your Mind, Felix - Don't You Want Me

Here's one classic Dance tune, originating from Italy in 1992, that melts ItaloDisco and House into a grade A++ chart stormer. Yeah, I repeat, this entered even the worst charts of the world: Germany (no, please don't get me started on the Eurovision Song Contest).
Usura's "Open Your Mind" came out the same year as Felix's "Don't You Want Me" - so can you imagine what a great year 1992 was for any lover of electronic music?

It was also a great year for Deconstruction, the label that released both of these smashers. Here's Usura:

And now comes Felix (they threw camouflage gigs in full masquerade long before Daft Punk, btw). One of the co-producers is Rollo, Dido's brother, who should also play a role in the success story of Faithless beginning three years later, in 1995. Check out "Don't You Want Me":

Use the board, young Skywalker!

Selected links #005 - special edition "social networking" - Pesto Music myspace profile - my music profile - my private profile - what we listen to - oh yes, we're on Facebook too - like once a month or so;) - one of the latest hypes probably, we'll explain in brief what we use it for - Pesto TV - our profile on, DJ mixes to be added soon (no, really now!)

Classic House tune: S'Express - Theme From S'Express

Believe it or not - this tune by S'Express made it up the German charts back in 1988. Where are Dance tunes like this one nowadays?

When I was a regular clubber at Stuttgart's first issue of the renowned M1 club (based at Milchstrasse - the official name of the street was literally "milky way") back in 1995/1996, this was one of the jams the DJ kicked in sundays at 9am - to the pleasure of all left over MDMA, coke and alcohol victims.

Countdown is, dos, uno, dos, tres, cuatro:

Original video:

Extended UK mix, HQ:

DJ Prince from Norway supplies another analysis:

Use the board, young Skywalker!

Recycled from our twitter stream

Here are some selected tweets from us:

- RT @mechanique Search for who charted you on Beatport with this application I developed:
- Reading: "The TT Dynamic Range Meter: Avoid over-compressing your mix - Mastering Media Blog" (
- only 17% IE6 (transparent PNG galore!), 68% Mozilla, 9% Opera, 2% WebKit
- Gabriel Creole - Looking Beyond EP - - the best House Music ...
- Ecological Business Cards | The Inspiration Room Daily
- Sony CEO Lynton: "I'm A Guy Who Doesn't See Anything Good Having Come From The Internet. Period." LOL, my new fav quote #sonyfail #interwebz

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The sound chair

Sound Design, taken from a whole different angle, is the work of Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - a UK designer with colombian roots. He feeds a water-jet cutter with waveforms to cut the shapes for his sound chair out of polyethylene foam. Here's a visualization:

Bild 1

And the finished product:

Bild 4

Reminds us a bit of the waveform bracelets we brought you earlier, just on a bigger scale. If you visit Matthew's web site, you find more details, pictures and animations of the sound chair as well as more examples of the designer's projects.

[found via, all pics ©]

Weekend vibe: Röyksopp - Happy Up Here

Have a nice weekend!

Classic HipHop tune: Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix) [update]

Here's another from back in the days coming from Eric B. & Rakim. "Paid In Full" was a major hit in 1987 and I actually liked it so much that I listened to the 12" over and over again when my brother wasn't at home (as it was his record collection). I think my bro hated his younger brother for doing so but in the end it made me aware of many diamonds that are still in his vinyl collection. Today, he would gladly lend me his vinyl so we're cool.

This is the Coldcut remix, a shorter radio version of this exists, of course.

If we dissect this tune a bit, it becomes clear that except for Rakim's raps (and they're great old skool style, many of the rhymes have become "quotes" of everyday use in HipHop), everything else on this one is borrowed from other tracks. Think the bass line is great? Yeah, it's from Dennis Edward's "Don't Look Any Further" on Motown from 1984:

I know, the video looks awesome funny, but the tune kicks arse! (Note to self: never have chewing gum when shooting a video, regardless how charming your wink)

The oriental vocal you hear in Coldcut's remix is by Israel's Ofrah Haza (R.I.P.) - originally a yemenite folk song that turned a global hit in 1987:

There are countless other samples contained in "Paid In Full" - feel free to name them on our forum.

[update: as Pesto community member "The Squeezer" from Portugal hints, there is a video analysis on Youtube by Norway's DJ Prince - thanks Ricardo aka The Squeezer!]

Short documentary about HipHouse on Resident Advisor

Richard Carnage at Resident Advisor has found a nice short documentary on the HipHouse phenomenon, originating from Chicago in the late 1980ies. One, two, three - get loose now!

Selected links #004 - great ressource for, well, vintage synths - John Gruber's Daring Fireball, Mac-centered, entertaining IT news gossip - in-depth reviews and features by Peter Kirn - your daily stopover if you're working in the creative industry (and also if not) - hints, how-tos and backgrounds on and about using Twitter

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Classic House tunes: Daft Punk - Da Funk, Around The World & Revolution 909

Hey, did you know that Daft Punk, before writing pop music and movie scores, dedicated a song to our mate Da Funk from Switzerland? Just kidding, but you have to admit it reads well. Check out this classic from 1995 - the original release on Soma was not such a huge hit until Virgin released it again in 1996. Did I say already I have the original Soma 12"?

If you found this video too depressing towards the end, here's another classic from them that will lift you up again - "Around The World":

Last one for now and actually one of my favourites from their "Homework" album, also dating from 1996. As different as these three tunes are, as much do they reveal the great art behind Daft Punk's videos. I highly recommend you check out the Daft Punk video channel on youtube.

Classic HipHop tune: Public Enemy - Fight The Power

It's G20 summit in London, peaceful protesters get beaten up by the police, basic civil rights are ignored in Germany [1], [2] (links to content in german language) due to the NATO summit and we are in for another issue of our "classic tune" section. It's a pitty to see what Flavour Flav is doing nowadays, knowing that Public Enemy once had a message that was way more political than "Flavour in Love" on MTV.

Here's "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy, back from 1989.

No more comments here as a) this is not a political site and b) we don't like house searches.

Name your band and create your album cover with the help of Wikipedia & Flickr

NoiseAddicts have shared a way of giving your band or project a name, a title for your album and the artwork. There are three steps, according to NA:

1. Go to Wikipedia and hit “random” and the first article you get is the name of your band.
2. Go to "Random Quotations". The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page will be the title of your new album.
3. Go to Flickr and click on “Explore the Last Seven Days”. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Read the full article, including example cover artworks, on NoiseAddicts.
[Found via]

BBC documentary: Alchemists Of Sound

It's weekend ahead and you probably have some spare time at your hands, so here's to all couch potatoes.

The grand old lady BBC has another documentary about the very beginnings of sound design called "Alchemists Of Sound". The documentary is from 2003 and sheds some light on the background of sound design with regards to TV and radio shows from the very beginnings.

If you prefer to download all the single parts (read: you want to watch it on your mobile or iPod, for example) rather than viewing it on YT, here's how you can do it:
simply add "pwn" in front of the links starting with "youtube" and you'll be presented a link where you can download a copy in the desired format (FLV or MP4).


Here are the links to the respective parts of "Alchemists Of Sound": (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)
Hope I'm not infringing the BBC's copyrights here but, on the other hand, the documentary is still up on YT although it's been linked to on MetaFilter some days ago already.

Have a nice weekend!

Classic HipHop tune: O.C. feat. Yvette Michelle - Far From Yours

One of the most overseen, most underrated MCs ever, if you ask me - ladies and gents, make some noise for O.C! Good to know I have his "Jewelz" album from 1997 on double 12" somewhere in my warehouse.
And now get ready for some spring, early summer vibes straight from the left coast (embedding has been disabled unfortunately, so please follow the link):

O.C. feat. Yvette Michelle - Far From Yours

If anybody wants to know: the original sample is by The Brothers Johnson from their 1976 album "Look Out for #1", the respective tune is named "Tomorrow". The Brothers Johnson are famous not only because of their original work (which is quite nice to listen to still) rather than for providing samples for mid-1990ies House tunes such as this one:

Here's an instrumental of "Far From Yours" provided via YT, too (it's the whole tune just without the raps, to be precise):

Selected links #003 - "The blog's name means abducted in Portuguese. I changed its spelling to add ZEE (my design company) instead of abduzido" Fabio Sasso says in the about section, great source of (graphical) input and inspiration from Brazil - "Quality, Not Quantity is What Really matters", one of the best blogs around covering downloadable DJ mixes, really eclectic selection but it's all about electronic music - a dirty beast of freeware synth, this one's available for all major platforms - don't get distracted by the GUI, Mr. Alias 2 kicks major arse - great ressource for OSX noobs but also some hints that you did not know of despite you've been using Macs for ages - anything plugin or audio software goes here, if you don't find it on KVR, it probably doesn't exist - well worth signing up there and the forum is also a great source of information

Use the board, young Skywalker!

Mix tips: For Consistency's Sake

Brian Hazard at Passive Promotion has a must read for anybody involved in the music production business.

Brian has great methods on how to keep consistency on your mixdowns (in terms of having the same *sound*) in various projects. He further writes about the right sound pressure levels in order to prevent ear fatigue. I may add here that mixing down to a reference is by far more important than the latest cutting edge gear or matching EQs. I for one have a very limited speaker setup but I keep comparing my stuff to other recordings that I know they sound "right" on a large PA system.

Studying music that you like and adore and trying to copy what the masters did is the best way to learn how they actually do it. You can think about Destiny's Child in whatever way, but when you pay attention to the way the vocals are layered, equalised, arranged and processed you have to admit that the mix of all these techniques make their vocals sound so distinctive and unique. Of course, this is easier to achieve if you have Beyoncé standing in your vocal booth than a lousy Jon Silva. But still, if you just adapt the methods and principles, you can make a recording going from "demo quality" to at least "decent".

You definitely need a set of good EQs, dynamics and delay FX but every DAW package available today will give you that right at your hands. It's more crucial to know your system and especially be aware of its weak points (room flutter, resonance, speaker limitations, etc.). And I am so with Brian when it comes to proper monitoring levels: I know guys that run their amps with the volume knob at three o' clock all the time ("need to get into that club atmosphere") but are quite surprised when their mixes sound plain shyte, simply because they cannot judge anymore after 20 minutes of work. Actually, if your ears started bleeding in this situation, people would probably become more aware of the damage they cause to their ears.

Read full article on Passive Promotion
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Classic House tune: Fingers Inc. - Can You Feel It

Whoaaa. This is the blueprint for so many of today's deep House tunes. The vocals have been sampled to an extent close to abuse, the chord/pad sound found its way into the countless House sampling CDs, the bassline has been replayed (being altered or not) so often it hurts. Yet still, there's nothing like the original: Fingers Inc. - Can You Feel It?

While Larry Heard and Robert Owens are still in the biz (still quite successful), we haven't heard anything of Ron Wilson.

Waveforms as bracelets

Designed as a constant reminder for kids not to use drugs, parents can now record a message on the Sound Advice Project website and render the waveform of the recording into a bracelet with the same shape:


Valentine's day has passed already but you could also record a nice message for your beloved ones when their b-day approaches. Or you show some love for Pesto and have our acoustic logo rendered:


Joel Johnson at BoingBoing notes though that the sentence "Drugs can be fun and informative. And used responsibly can be part of any healthy person's cognitive life" would also fit into the six-seconds recording space on the website.

[Found via BoingBoing]

Wacom's nextbeat DJ console

Wacom, previously known for their graphic tablets, are now entering the DJ scene with a fully fledged controller unit. The nextbeat is every digital DJ's wet dreams come true with a bunch of controls and input methods that enables you to go wild on your MP3 files.


The nextbeat console will operate in wireless mode (look mom, no cords!) which makes it a perfect companion for live acts, too. See more pics on and get more insights on some nextbeat microsite.

[Found via Nerdcore]

CDM: How to build a music studio in an apartment

Create Digital found a great instructable on how to build a studio into an apartment. Catherine Belsey Davis explains the steps taken to achieve a pro-looking and pro-working studio setup. She built it for her husband's studio based in Brooklyn Heights.

Step 1: get a wife who is capable of building all sortsa things ;)

Here's the full read including links to more studio pics and Belsey's homepage.

SXSW festival: 6GB of free MP3s available as Torrent

Found via TorrentFreak:

The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most popular in the United States. For the fifth year in a row, SXSW has released a DRM-free, RIAA-safe collection of songs totaling 6 GB, which can all be downloaded for free, thanks to BitTorrent.

While we haven't checked out the contents of the bundle, the mere size already suggests that there must be one or another file that meets your taste. Get the DSL lines burning, you leechers!
Leave feedback and/or recommendations on the Pesto community board.

Read the full article on TorrentFreak
Use the board, young Skywalker!

Conspiracy theory: Pesto owned and maintained by the Illuminati?

I just came across this posting on the Logo Designer Blog. It's a YouTube movie "revealing" all those symbols that are meant to be connected to the Illuminati, the New World Order and other ...ummm...shyte.

Please see yourself:

And now, check out this logo - isn't this a graphical representation of the Eyes of Providence, especially the green parts?

pesto logo master

Not really. The original design of the Pesto logo illustrates a plate full of Spaghetti al Pesto (Pesto Genovese, to be precise). No conspiracy, no providence, just plain yummy and delicious - quite like the music we release! Wow, some people really seem to have a lot of free time... follow-up on Kutiman's YT mashups

Remember the awesome YouTube mashups by Kutiman we posted just a few days ago? Merlin Mann at has some thoughts about this one and the future of the entertainment industry in general.

Quoting from Merlin's post:

Unsolicited tip for media company c-levels: if your reaction to this crate of magic is “Hm. I wonder how we’d go about suing someone who ‘did this’ with our IP?” instead of, “Holy crap, clearly, this is the freaking future of entertainment,” it’s probably time to put some ramen on your Visa and start making stuff up for your LinkedIn page.

Read the full article here
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Snowhite & The 7 Dwarfs vs. Daft Punk

Done with your daily work (lucky you!) and ready for some fun? Check this out:

Found via NerdCore where a certain Kay also posted this link: idaft beta

Classic House tune: Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

When we were young, without a belly and went out every Thursday to Sunday (or Monday), this was one of our constants: Jaydee's Plastic Dreams from 1992 (the video says otherwise but check the discogs link). Awesome classic and sampled or covered a couple of times.

The "right" version of this one is over 10 minutes in length, but you'll get the picture. Oh, and sorry to visitors from the UK (just kidding, I hope this one's not affected).

No YouTube music vids for Brits has an article that sheds some light on the fact that YouTube is blocking the audio part of some of the posted videos for UK viewers. Patrick Walker, EMEA region head of YouTube said that the Google-owned company would lose money on every music video it serves if they accepted the rates proposed by the PRS, a UK collecting society.

From Paid Content's page:

In its first arrangement with a royalty society, YouTube in 2007 signed a special deal with PRS in which it agreed to pay a flat, advance fee to carry 10 million pieces of music. But the deal has expired and Walker pulled the tracks last night rather than renew at new rates. After PRS highlighted Google’s $5.7 billion Q408 revenue, Walker told me: “We’ve built a service that we’ve invested millions in ... to suggest that, because Google’s a big company, we should just suck it and pay a ridiculous rate is not something that we’re going to stand by.”

Read the PRS entry on Wikipedia
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Selected links #002

Tips for running a label in 2009 - some of the statements are not only true for 2009, article lacks a bit of depth - still a nice read though. Check out the comments, too!
Production Advice - freshly launched blog providing, you guessed it, advice on your productions. Also features insights on different aspects of music production, mixing and mastering
50 things every Mac geek should know - not really, still an interesting read though if you want to find out more about Apple
Togu Audio Line - audio plugin developer from Switzerland, maker of bad-ass TAL-Uno-62 - freeware Roland Juno plugin and others for OS X and Windoze (consider donating though)
TAL-Uno-62 - nice read about the above plugin
Below The Radar showreel - quite impressive pile of class A clients my bro Ricardo Torres has been working for, you have seen one or another ad for sure

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Design Artwork for a Shrinking Album Cover

Wired Magazine has an interesting read about cover designs in times of decreasing real estate.

As we are aware of this, we are planning to do a huge PDF file (one metre by one metre print size) in which you can navigate with your standard PDF viewer for one of our upcoming compilation releases. By zooming in, you will find tiny details and some extra features - stuff that will keep you entertained for hours! The "cover" will be a free download, of course.

Read the whole article on
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Dimiz & Ogi Gee Cash - Vocalizer (Jon Silva Remix)

We told you about the remix Jon Silva did for Dimiz of the Kondukter crew based in Nish, Serbia. Apparently, the tune works quite well...hehehe! Check the vid, starting at 05:10 and pay attention to the crowd at around 07:42 (hint: put your hands up in the air)!

You can buy this remix on Beatport: Dimiz & Ogi Gee Cash - Vocalizer (Jon Silva's Vocalize This! Remix)

Classic HipHop tune: A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out (Remix)

It's one of these rare cases when the remix beats the original by far (we think so, at least). A Tribe Called Quest is one of HipHop's staples when it comes to the deep and jazzy shizzle. There is a whole pile of artists this connotations apply to (say Gang Starr/Jazz Matazz, for one) but ATCQ is a good point to start from.

Even if you have never heard of ATCQ before, we're sure you all remember "Galvanize" by the ever-awesome Chemical Brothers: Q-Tip is the MC you're listening to on this one. He's one of those rappers with a clearly recognizable timbre and style - a feature lots of today's MC are missing.

Since we intend to run this web site a couple of more years to come, expect some further deep dives into the roots of House and soulful music in general.

The female part in the chorus is by Faith Evans, former wife of the Notorious B.I.G. (RIP!).

Amazing YouTube mashups by Kutiman

  • If the use of the term "bad ass" on had to be justified, it would be the mind-blowing mashups by Kutiman:

Find more great mashups on

Selected links #001

The Daily Show on Twitter

Just two days ago, we told you about our twitter thingy going on here. The Daily Show on Comedy Central now has a nice vid about all the hype.

See yourself here.

Classic House tune: Ron Trent - Altered States

A true classic back from 1992 that brings back some memories. More details about Ron Trent and this release on discogs.

Video: Mistabishi - Printer Jam

found via Nerdcore

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Have you heard of twitter? It's the latest media hype, at least here in Germany. Funny enough, we set up a profile back in March 2007 already but weren't hardly posting. Maybe because we did not see the sense of the service.

We will now make use of twitter more often, especially in order to share small bits & pieces that are not worth of posting a whole news article here on Twitter will fill the gap between longer reads on our site and one-liners containing just a link. Take, for instance, a good tune we heard on and we'd just like to share that one with you - twitter is ideal to do so.

You can follow us here:

If you feel you'd like to talk about twitter or microblogging in general, post your profile, etc. - you can do so in the Pesto Community.