Jon Silva guest mix on Henri Kohn's Clubstar Session

We are proud to announce another radio guest mix by Jon Silva!

Our schäl sick Pestolero Henri Kohn, Cologne based house music soldier and artist & repertoire manager at the Clubstar label family invited Jon Silva to have a guest mix on his Clubstar Session on Radio 42. Henri's show kicks off at 09:00pm CET tomorrow on Saturday, the 24th March, Jon Silva's mix will be aired at 10:00pm CET.

Henri is known for his soulful House selections which makes the Clubstar Session a show to tune in regularly every Saturday. He also supports Pesto a lot and regularly has our releases in his charts - thanks a lot, Henri! Thanks to him, Jon Silva's "Love In Me" EP was signed to Conya and he also compiled and mixed the Clubstar Miami 007 Session (please see here) including Jon's stormer "Make It On Your Own".

Radio 42 is the House/Lounge channel of Raute FM, an online radio based in Germany. Make sure you check out their other channels as well.

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