Jon Silva on Raisani Miami Sessions

We're proud to announce that Jon Silva's "Music In Me" made it onto the Raisani Miami Sessions compilation, a compilation, you guessed it maybe, especially made for the Winter Music Conference that is about to launch today. Some of you might know the track "Music's In Me" already from Jon's myspace profile - this time you will get "The Optic Dub Mix" served.

Other artists on the tracklist are DJ Pap, Aston Martinez, David "Vibes" Tobon, Marshall Jefferson, Shyk Stilko, Tyree Cooper (the producer), DJ Tekin (you know one of his tunes from Jon Silva's "Sweet & Sexy" DJ mix), Raisani & Guidera and many, many more.

Look forward to an exclusive compilation with fresh and brand new tracks by today's hottest names in the House bizniz compiled by Haneef Raisani - the guy who's running Dubai's first and only House music label.

This is meant to serve you with fresh tunes just to pump out at WMC - Parteee!

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