Jon Silva's "Summer of Remixes" pt. 1

It's been a long time without any news being posted here so here you are:

Jon has been working on a large number of remix projects for several labels and artists. The first result of the "Summer of Remixes" will be available on Plastic City.

For the second volume of Soda Inc.'s "Night Fever Remixes", Jon joined the circle of Spin Science (Estonia), Chris Niteshake and Steve Mill (both from Greece) and delivers his "Babe-A-Pella", a deep and driving dub mix using only small portions of Jon's original vocals. Make sure you also check out Vol. 1 with remixes by G-Pal (Greece), Morgan Page (USA) and Roberto Bardini (Italy) which is also available on 12".
Volume 2 of the Night Fever Remixes is available from 26th June via and

The next remixes have been requested by the guys from Moscow's Moonbeam Music. Jon made two remixes for "Home" by Moonbeam feat. Julia B:

The "Jon Silva Remix" is pure Jon Silva sound using warm Wurlitzer chords, a fat and funky bassline to create a deep atmosphere that carries Julia's vocals. The "Camouflage Remix" heads towards a darker, more electronic approach. You will also find a Dub of the "Camouflage Remix" without the vocals.
Moonbeam feat. Julia B - "Home" on Moonbeam Digital (MBD009) will be out on July 2nd.

Also from Russia comes the digital label Deepology, run by the guys that also form the "Luckystars" team (Conya). Jon was asked to remix Seva K's "Zero Gravity" and came up with his "Orbit Funk Mix", a fusion of classic House and Funk sounds with an electronic topping or, well, just "Orbit Funk", as Jon calls it.
Seva K - "Zero Gravity" on Deepology Digital (DD007) will be out by end of July 2007.

More remixes have been requested by other artists and labels, we will keep you posted about the progress in pt. 2 of our news bulletin that will be published soon.