A message to our friends from Greece

Since I have been playing so many gigs in Greece this and the last years, I wanted to tell you that I followed the news.

The tragedy that was shown on the media is surely just scratching the surface, considering the many casualties the burning forests in Greece had caused. Seeing families lose their homes, the foundations of their existence and above all losing their beloved ones makes me feel really sad. Fires have been harming people and the environment in so many countries I have been visiting this summer, among them Croatia, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and many more and two things remain in my mind:

who are those that start the fires in order to "create" new ground to build e.g. hotels and what is their mindset? And why do we have apparently incapable governments that are supposed to end this? I feel ashamed when I read that Germany sent four (yes, that's 4!) helicopters to Greece to help fighting the fires.

Let me tell you that I'm with you on my mind - regardless in which country suffering from this you reside!

Yours, Jon Silva

PS: I'm aware of the fact that pesto.de is a web site covering music - some things though should not remain unsaid.