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As you might have noticed already, we are fans of social web sites and communities such as, or our very own Pesto Community.

One of the first social networks we joined though was We liked the idea of sharing your musical taste and get recommendations for music to discover. This process may vary in its success, but nevertheless it already led us to music that would have been a shame to have missed.

You can download your free copy of Audioscrobbler, the plugin that will transmit the music you listen to based on its MP3 tags. Needless to say that you can support Pesto by listening to our music (which you do anyways - but why not tell the world?).

Here's a brief roundup of what they say about themselves: is the flagship product from the team that designed the Audioscrobbler music engine. More than ten million times a day, users "scrobble" their tracks to our servers, helping to collectively build the world's largest social music taps the wisdom of the crowds, leveraging each user's musical profile to make personalised recommendations, connect users who share similar tastes, provide custom radio streams, and much more.Founded by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Richard Jones, we are a London-based company with a music-obsessed team of developers and creative professionals from around the world.It's never been this easy to share your taste and discover new music. Welcome to the social music revolution.

We may offer free downloads to users exclusively (as we did in the past) so it's not too bad of an idea to sign up. Here's a link to their charts with free MP3 downloads of any genre.

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Audioscrobbler and player downloads
(we use the plugin for iTunes, by the way)