Ricardo Torres supports Pesto

Talking of the buzz that Pete Gust's remix of Rucyl's "Love In War" caused (read the post below), we already found a supporter from the West Coast - our good friend and California Pestolero Ricardo Torres!

He's got a new mix online that starts with "Love In War". You can find his latest DJ mix named "Looking West" (so are we...hehehe) in the mixes section on Ricardo's web site.

Ricardo was also invited to play alongside his personal hero and very good friend Jay-J on the Shifted label party at Miami's Winter Music Conference this year. People attending WMC this year should make sure to check out his set and the ones of the other House icons on Saturday, the 24th of March at Miami's Bash. Besides Jay-J and Ricardo Torres, the line up also offers Chicago's Marc Grant, Heather, Random Soul from Australia and some other surprises.

Also make sure to check out the latest West Coast Collective mix on Shameless Sessions (SSRadio UK) featuring Kevin Christopher and Ricardo Torres. The show also includes an exclusive interview with Pestolera Sandra Lima who will have "Higher" released on Pesto soon.