Rucyl signed to Pesto

We are very proud to announce that we managed to sign another incredibly talented artist to the Pesto roster.

New York City based Rucyl Mills would be considered a songwriter or storyteller. Her lyrics are intimate and pure, carried by the voice of an angel. She has proven on several occasions that she is a professionally working performer. Next to releases on her own label, her resume lists vocal backups and performances as well as songwriting jobs.

She recently teamed up with no less talented producer Pete Gust from Stockholm, Sweden who just made an amazing remix of "Love In War". We are more than glad to offer you an outstanding release for this autumn including both the original and Pete's remix of which the latter already received tremendous feedback among DeepHouse lovers.

More information on Rucyl and Pete Gust will be published alongside the release of "Love In War" - so long, please make sure to check the following links:

Rucyl's myspace
Rucyl's web page (with links to more music - don't miss that!)
Pete Gust's myspace
Pete Gust's web page (also with bunches of more music!)