Soda Inc. DJ gig at La Rocca, Düsseldorf

Tomorrow, on Saturday the 17th of March, we will see (and hear, of course) a Soda Inc. DJ set in Düsseldorf (that's the town next to Cologne...hehehe) at the La Rocca venue.

As some of you might already know, Soda Inc. is formed by Pestoleros Babak Shayan and Jon Silva and they created quite some buzz with their albums "Full Moon" (2005) and "Inner Vision" (2006) on Plastic City. Their album from last year also contains "Night Fever", the hommage to the old Motown classic "You keep me hanging on" with which Kim Wilde scored a major hit back in the 1980ies. "Night Fever" has seen quite some radio airplay in Greece, Turkey, the whole Balkany, France, Spain and the UK.

If you're living nearby, you should make sure to party with Soda Inc. - their gigs are rare as the guys are busy working on new projects (we will give you detailed information on that one in brief).

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