Soda Inc. gig @ Omilos, Thessaloniki

As much as we heard that Soda Inc. loves to play gigs, this is one to look out for in particular. The greek audience seems to dig the Soda Inc. stuff, resulting in heavy airplay on nearly any FM that plays dance music, on TV shows and in the bars and clubs of whole Greece, of course.

So recently, one could say that Greece fell in love with "Night Fever", the smashing Soda Inc. hit that's a reinterpretation of the old Motown classic "You Keep Me Hanging On", also known from a cover version by Kim Wilde from back in the 1980ies.

As we just heard, this love is mutual and Soda Inc. aka Babak Shayan and Jon Silva are looking forward to meet old & new friends at Omilos, Thessaloniki on Sunday, the 25th March.

Thanks to our mate Elias Tzikas who brought Soda Inc. over, we will see the "northern Greece/Germany reunion" with Elias himself, of course, Steve Mill (who just did an amazing dub mix of "Night Fever") and Nikos Ploumis providing local DJ support and the crews from Low Profile Booking and the La Palma club in Kozani. Too bad that our Pestolero Chris Niteshake won't make it to Thessaloniki - we'll miss you & have a drink on your behalf.

If you are looking for a decent party on Sunday, don't miss it! If you're allergic to or feel offended by one of the following words, stay away: alcohol, malaka, mounaki, Soda Inc. Please also note the sponsor of that party. ;)

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