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Bad Boy Babak

As we were checking back which stores started selling our releases already, we found something interesting on iTunes. Babak Shayan's "Azadi" (Pesto 005) was rated "explicit".

We are further investigating what made the iTunes team come to this conclusion and will keep you updated. Our guess, regardless of the reason is: the reason will be pretty funny. Maybe "Jussi ate too much Acid Remix" stroke them a little as some of the staff felt remembered of bad trips back in the 1970ies. Hee hee.

See here: iTunes link

The support for Pesto is growing

On top of the people already supporting and playing Pesto 005 by Babak Shayan, some more were adding themselves to the growing front of Pesto supporters:

Dean Facer (UK)
C&M Productions (Switzerland) (GER)
Henri Kohn (GER, Clubstar & Conya A&R)
DJ Rewerb (GER)
Elias Tzikas (Greece)
Radio 42 (GER, web radio)
Andreas Hansson (Sweden)

Do a little google to find some really nice DJ mixes containing "Azadi" among a bunch of other excellent tunes;)

Pesto 005 now on!

There haven't been too many news here recently. That is because there was a lot of work behind the scenes going on. One of the results can be seen on, where the exclusive presales for Babak Shayan - Azadi (Pesto 005) have just started. Support Pesto and buy the tunes like crazy to lift us into some charts! You'll be rewarded with excellent tunes and mixes by a bunch of renowned names of the global dance music scene!

We would also like to remind you that there is still our first PestoCast, covering all the versions in detail including some more info. You can find it here.

Pesto 005 by Babak Shayan already received a tremendous feedback from all over the globe. Here are some quotes:

Subsky (Turkey, wicked release! all mixes are really cool, I especially dig chris niteshake! groovyyyyy!!
Tom Morgan (UK, Alternative Route A&R): your mix (Jon Silva's Club Mix) is the pick of the bunch
Jovan (Bulgaria, Relaxator's A&R): I like the track since the time you gave me. Favorite ones are the Original because of the nice and smoothie driving, than Jon Silvas club mix which for me is nice combination
of orient with modern sound of old fashionable acid
Sgt. Chill (Italy, "Azadi" was already an insurance but the bunch of mixes presented with it are all featured by a high quality sound [...] Chris Niteshake's mix is a floorkiller [...] House that succeeds to mix american warm and european intimate darkness
Nima Gorji (Ibiza, Welt, Out of Orbit): Happy to hear some persian vocals on top of quality electronic music. way to go Babak
El Farouki (France): I love this pesto release, it's so deep and driving, will play it!
Thomas Nastos (Greece): Da Funk mix sounds great.Pure funky beats [...] Jon Silva is even better, keeping the funky vibe [...] Chris Niteshake mix [...] with maybe the best approach from all mixes
Alex Flatner (Circle, Monoid, Gedankensport): The Jon Silva is a very catchy and clubby remix i already see people jumping on the dancefloor, the Chris Niteshake ... is very deep and quite sexy... very nice remix. I am sure this release will make its way in many boxes of the djs
Dusan Kacarevic (Serbia): I am not wondering why so many headliner djs choose him to support.Great job again Babak
MDJ (Italy): (Jon Silva's Club Mix) It's a multi-purpose mix, particurally indicated in uplifting phases. Very useful to have it in the bag...I'll' have
DJ Meri (Rulers of the Deep): I love this whole packade.. all mixes are my cup of tea. For every mood and situation on the dancefloor. Very nice work :) Will give radio airplay for sure.. also in club!

PestoMix 002 from Pesto Music

Time to kick off the second PestoMix - a Podcast from Pesto Music supplying you with fresh music, updates, DJ mixes and so on.

This time, we offer you a kind of inofficial PestoMix containing a mix with exclusive tracks and versions previously unreleased. You will have a sneek preview into the future of Pesto's release schedule (and that's just a very limited one, boy). The only tunes you might have heard already are Babak Shayan's "Azadi" that was already featured on the Bar1 compilation and Simone de Nauw's "Luv" which is also included in the mix compilation "Beautiful & Timeless". Enjoy!

Here's the track list:

01. Jon Silva - I want you (Blip it mix) [Pesto 009]
02. Babak Shayan - Azadi (Original) [Pesto005 - out on January 31st, exclusive pre release on]
03. Simone de Nauw - Luv (Original) [Pesto 008]
04. Da Funk - Electronic Love (Original) [Pesto Digital]
05. Cooccer - Move (Jon Silva Remix) [Pesto010]

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You can rate the mix here:

Pesto 005 "Azadi" by Babak Shayan widely supported!

After the mailout of the Pesto 005 promos, we received heavy feedback. Here are some early opinion leaders:

DJ Meri (Rulers of the Deep / Estonia): charts, djsets, radio airplay
Jeff Bennett (Sweden): charts, airplay, Jussi Pekka RMX appears on the upcoming mix CD "digitalism - mixed by Jeff Bennett" (Feb 2007)
Nima Gorji (Out of Orbit, Welt / Ibiza): charts, djsets, radio airplay
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica Radio), charts, radio airplay on Ibiza Sonica
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio): radio airplay on Ibiza Global
El Farouki (Chocoflash, Night Drive, Sexual / France): charts, djsets, radio airplay
Alex Flatner (Circle Music, Monoid / Germany): charts, djsets
DJ Dannyra (Radio Michiocán / Mexico): charts, heavy FM rotation
Joan Ribas (Café del Mar, Delecto / Ibiza): charts, djsets
House FM (Internet radio station): charts, airplay

Also supported by:

Goktug Citci aka Subsky (Turkey), Alessandro Battaglini (Italy, Urban Café on, Thomas Nastos (Greece), Marcello Marchitto (Chicaria Records, Germany/Ibiza), Ylar Asmae (Spin Science, Estonia), MDJ (Italy), Steve Mill (Greece), Andrez Nikolov (Bulgaria), Andreas Hansson (Sweden), Replika (Switzerland), Esteban Nuñez (Sweden), Relaxator's (Bulgaria), Nils Pot (Spain), Anthony Vag (Greece), aTaK (Germany) and many others.

Track list for PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

We successfully managed to bother Babak during his holidays and got the tracklist for his PestoMix 001 right back. Here it is for your records:

01. Pantha Du Prince - Butterfly Girl [Dial]
02. Basil - Wanted [Shayan]
03. Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. Hilaire - Free For All (Soundstream Remix) [Burial Mix]
04. Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Neo Mix) [Get Physical]
05. Soda Inc. - Night Fever [Plastic City]
07. Gui Boratto - It's Majik (TLB Dub Mix) [Plastic City]
08. Jermone Isma-Ae & MCY - Oriental [Jee Productions]
09. Dave Spoon - Big Love [Big Love]
10. Tommyboy & Mannel - Naturelize [Stereo Cool]
11. Samuel L. Session - Velvet [ELP]
12. Jerome Isma-Ae - Stars In Your Head [Jee Producions]

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Babak Shayan nude! Check the footage!!!

Hah! Got you!

So you were looking for Babak Shayan nude? We're sorry to disappoint you! But...we have some footage on Babak Shayan. Check it out here:

Babak Shayan - Azadi (Pesto005)

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Happy holidays from Pesto Music! ;)

PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

Due to problems with our webspace provider, we had to publish the PestoMix 001 a bit later than promised. Anyways, enjoy the very first issue of our monthly guest DJ mix.

The first PestoMix comes from Babak Shayan, head honcho of Cologne's Shayan-Music. Babak will release Pesto 005 by end of January 2007. That's the reason we feature him here as a DJ.

Some of you might know the Bar1 compilation series that are digging in deeper grounds - this is mainly meant to serve another purpose. This mix is exactly right to get ready to go out, enjoy a sunny day with some nice clubby tunes or just get over the holiday season with some excellent House tunes on your iPod. Discover the driving side of Babak Shayan as a DJ.

Pesto 005 by Babak Shayan - Azadi will be available through all major download stores by end of January 2007.
For more details, check back here or and/or subscribe to our RSS feed!

We are sorry for being unable to supply you with a tracklist yet. Babak just gave us his mix immediately before he left for two Ukraine gigs. The final tracklist for this mix will be posted in brief as soon as Babak is back from the holiday season. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy holidays from your Pesto Music crew!

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