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Pesto 010: From P60 - Be What I Wanna Be/New Way

After very successful presales of our Pesto 010 on Beatport, Traxsource and Stompy, we are happy to let you know that the full release by From P60 is finally available in your favourite web stores.

Both on Beatport and Traxsource, this release is quickly gaining chart positions. Nikola Gala's Cum Remix currently is on #11 of Beatport's DeepHouse list, Jon Silva's New Dub is found on #47, the whole release is on #10 of the general charts and on #2 of Juno's DeepHouse charts.

The whole release by From P60 contains a bunch of more quality remixes serving different needs and tastes, including a remix by Khaan and, of course, the lovely originals. Pesto 010 is available on your favourite download store:

and more to follow

PestoMix 005: Zoltan of "From P60"

Weekend ahead, couple of parties to attend, new PestoMix - what could you wish more from a weekend?

Zoltan Nagy, the guy behind the "From P60" project gets his first PestoMix your way. For members of the Pesto community, this one is already kinda old, yet not dated: you can have previews on upcoming mixes and stuff when you register (hey, it's free and fast) for our Pesto community. For all the rest, this is a top notch DJ mix by the "From P60" guy.

It's funny because it features a couple of Pesto Music's all time favs such as Dennis Ferrer's "Unconditional Love ", Spiritchaser's "As We Continue" and many more items. It's vibrating between instant classics, roots and new stuff - and you'll love it!:)

Here's the track list:

01.Elaine & Ellen - The Look Of Love (Dim's re-edit)
02.Blackjoy - Moustache
03.Dennis Ferrer -Unconditional Love
04.Spiritchaser - As We Continue
05.Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause
06.From P60 & Virág - Enjoy The Sound
07.Mike L & Lanoiraude - Mystic River (Charles Webster Remix)
08.Milton Jackson - Rouge Element (Jimpster Remix)
09.King Kooba - Destination Ditroit
10.Forteba & From P60 - Birds Are Flying
11.Presence - Gettin' Lifted

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Pesto 010: From P60 - New Way/Be What I Wanna Be

Geez, has this one been long-awaited, but finally, it's there: Budapest's own "From P60" with the voice of Virág finally drop their bomb on Pesto!

The whole EP consists of the tunes "New Way" and "Be What I Wanna Be" and comes with a large bunch of class A remixes. Among the appreciated remixers are top notch names like Nikola Gala, Subsky, JP & Chris Mill, Khaan and Cristian Paduraru. Pesto 010 will have the Nikola Gala and Khaan remixes as well as some more edits by Pesto's Jon Silva.

The release has been split into exclusives for Beatport, Stompy and Traxsource. And while it's already out on Beatport, Nikola Gala's remix was climbing the charts (with a #22 peak position on Beatport's House charts). We'll let you know when you can get the other mixes on Stompy and Traxsource (and only there for the next few weeks).

Part 2 of the mixes will be out in January 2008 including the other remixes - more details here in brief.

Pesto FreeBee No. 3: From P60 - New Way

As announced on our Youtube channel, Myspace, Facebook and Last.FM, here's our next FreeBee:

Taken from our upcoming release Pesto010 by Hungary's From P60, here's the Radio Version of "New Way" in full 320kBits shine.

This FreeBee is released under no special license model, it's free as in freedom. There are a few rules to follow though:
- you can freely distribute (i.e. share on P2P networks, transfer to your friends, etc.) the file as long as its original contents (the song itself, the meta data and cover artwork) remain unaltered
- in case you are converting the file to another format (such as WAV, OGG, AAC to name a few), make sure you keep the original ID3 tags and the cover artwork
- the file(s) remain covered by copyright laws, the copyright holder is Pesto Music
- you can use portions of the file to incorporate them in new creations (i.e. mashups, remixes) for non-commercial use, any commercial use requires a license from Pesto Music. If you create a mashup or remix of the tune, please send us a link to your creation by using the contact form

And now: Enjoy "From P60 - New Way"!:)
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Pesto 010: From P60 feat. Virág - New Way

Here's a small vodcast featuring the radio version of From P60's "New Way". The video contains further information about the artists, remixers, bookings, unreleased tracks and more free downloads.

It's also available via our youtube channel here:

Pesto 010 "New Way/Be What I Wanna Be" by From P60 will be out by late October - more promo fire on this page in brief.
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