affiliated pages:

Pesto on myspace
Pesto fan page on Facebook
Jon Silva homepage
Jon Silva on - he ain't heavy, he's my brother;)

artists, friends & partners: - greek radio station supporting Pesto
Bioground - artist and producer from Portugal
Chris Niteshake - producer, DJ, radio show host, promoter - a busy mate from Greece
Cooccer - rising star and Pesto artist from Germany
Da Funk - DeepHouse Funk Soul Brother and Acryl label head from Switzerland - streaming dance radio station based in Greece and supporters of Pesto
Deeper Shades - Hamburg's Lars Behrenroth in his californian exile - radio show on Kiss FM Ukraine of our friend DJ Electric
Deep Rhytms - deep underground House mixes from our mate Timo from Finland
DJ Electric - our friend from Moscow, part of the Luckystars and host of Deepology radio show
El Farouki - notre ami de France
Erica Blanchard - amazing vocal talent from Canada with features for Soda Inc. and release on Pesto soon - another greek station supporting us big time
Henri Kohn - Conya and Clubstar A&R and partner in crime;)
John Dahlbäck - one of Sweden's finest
MTunes - our partner for digital distribution
Replika - House head and Pestolero from Switzerland
Ricardo Torres - house music for adults from this good friend based in L.A., download quality House mixes here
Robin Rush - Baltimore based Pestolera in practice - no pressure;)
Sandra Lima - incredibly gifted and nice Pestolera from L.A., we're proud to have her in our artists
Simone de Nauw - fresh and rising talent with an amazing voice, a true Pestolera, of course
SSRadio - UK based radio station and supporter of Pesto
Spin Science - Ylar Asmae from Estonia is the man behind this beautiful music
Virag - vocalist for from P60 from Hungary
Vyach Imalkovski - mastermind behind Cloudsteppers and Litmus Boy
Zoltán from P60 - the hungarian grandmaster of deepness from Budapest - surely a Pestolero


Acryl - House label from Switzerland run by our mate Da Funk
Alternative Route - London based quality label by Desyn Masiello and A&R Tom Morgan
Clubstar/Conya - our "neighbours" from the "Schäl Sick"

other stuff of interest: - very nice and voluminous listing of record labels - well, the name says it all:)
deephouse page - another forum covering our most wanted item - looking for an artist's or label's output - here's the place to go - reviews and interviews by Franco Martinelli from Trento, Italy - customized radio according to your taste and preferences
Premium Beat - makers of our MP3 players
Real Mac Software - we love RapidWeaver, the editor these pages were made with
- an international ranking of DJs