About the company's history:

The idea of Pesto Music as a label was brought to birth back in 2001. The whole concept is by Jost Gerischer aka Jon Silva, the guy that heads the label until today and it wouldn't have been possible to realize his ideas without the help of many friends and partners such as Evelyn Gögele and her Kontext Design team (logo artwork, 12" covers).
There are countless other people that helped with their support, critique and suggestions that are too many to mention here. Last but not least, the strength of Pesto is also fed by all the doubters that made us work even harder. Thank you all!

Here are Pesto's core capabilities and services:

The main aspect of Pesto Music is releasing quality music on various formats. Until 2006, our main focus was releasing 12" vinyl. With the project "Pesto.Digital", we have made our whole catalogue available on a large amount of download stores in cooperation with MTunes. This also affects current and upcoming releases that will be strictly online only. We consider releasing certain products on vinyl, CD and other opto-magnetical media though in the future if we meet enough demand.

Besides our constant release schedule, Pesto also offers music consulting for industry clients. This ranges from sound design, sync for movies/TV advertisements to audio spot productions. We also offer custom made compilation products consisting of in-house material only to compilations containing third party material. Of course, we take care of all manufacturing steps including licensing, production and postproduction in order to supply you with a finished product. Our wide range of international artists paired with worldwide contacts and networks make sure you'll get heard.

Further activities take place in the field of label management and administration: we have the knowledge and infrastructure to incorporate your label as a sublabel, take care of all the technical details, accounting and distribution. You can focus on your core business: aqcuire, develop and promote new artists, talents and products.
We also offer trainings covering every topic related to our daily business such as production, promotion and management.

Clients we worked for so far include (excerpt):

Blanco Y Negro, Barcelona/Spain (catalogue exploitation)
Cielo Ltd., New York City/USA (catalogue exploitation)
Clear Recordings, Baltmannsweiler/Heilbronn (label management)
Clubstar GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach (music production, catalogue exploitation)
daredo GmbH, Mannheim (audio postpro for several Plastic City products)
daredo Publishing, Mannheim (score layout)
Fly Music, Kiev/Ukraine (consulting, artist booking)
Foundation Records Ltd., Budapest/Hungary (catalogue exploitation)
Hi Note, Taipeh/Taiwan (catalogue exploitation)
Klik Records, Athens/Greece (music production)
Krüger GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach (TV spot sync)
Macadam Music, Talinn/Estonia (artist booking, music production)
Media Records Publishing, Merenberg (score layout)
New World Ltd., Tokyo/Japan (catalogue exploitation)
Neptunbad, Cologne (music programming for workout room)
Relaxator's Dance Company, Sofia/Bulgaria (consulting, catalogue exploitation, music production, artist booking)
Stereo:FM, Aschaffenburg (catalogue exploitation)
Time S.p.A., Brescia/Italy (catalogue exploitation)
Vic Bar, Cologne (custom CD compilation "Beautiful & Timeless")